Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Goodbye Sandy promised the Post about the bad news. Here's the first of the bad news. See this cute pix of Muffin below? Well, her groomer Sandy just got done grooming her and she's so cute with the bows and everything.

Well, the bad news is that after years of great grooming service..........SANDY THE GROOMER is leaving. I'm crying about this. Sandy was such a wonderful groomer for Muffin. She was the nicest person you would EVER meet and so good with the dogs. WE are going to miss her. Sandy is leaving town as her DH got a job out of town. So she is leaving. This is probably the last grooming Muffin will have with Sandy. At least I got some photos. Now we have to search for a new groomer. Which really bites! I was hoping Muffin could have the same groomer all her doggie life. Oh well, does anyone know any good groomer services? Ha! It's going to be hard to replace Sandy. We use to work for the pet hospital Sandy works at for Grooming. So that's how we started taking Muffin to Sandy. We knew her from working at the pet hospital. Such a bummer! Even after we stopped working at the hospital we still brought Muffin to Sandy. I'm not sure if the pet hospital is getting any replacement for Sandy. I know there are 2 groomers but the other lady already has her clients. So unless they get a new one in........we might as well look elsewhere. Here some more pixs of Muffin with her fur cut.

The other bad/good news is my SIL and BIL are MOVING! It's not official YET but it's in the works for a new job for my SIL. So if she does take the job it will be instant move. Like December. IT's great news for them but we will miss them being in town and near.

I guess everyone is moving out of town-ha! First our groomer and now My SIL and BIL.

That's it for the news. IT just happened all at once. Kinda unexpected news.

Oh well, in the meantime.........I'm busy thinking of all the prep for Thanksgiving coming up. I can't believe it's next week already. Than thinking about Christmas. Wow.....holidays are coming up way too fast. I need to make my pumpkin bread soon. Maybe this weekend. My DH will be so mad with me if I don't make the bread this year. I missed making the bread last year. So this weekend is my chance to make the pumpkin bread. I'll keep it in mind for a post if I make the pumpkin bread on weekend.

I will also share a photo of the porch. It's about done with the shell of it. Doug is putting the roof on as I write. He's got it all ready for roofing and siding soon. There not much to a screen porch. Most of it will be screens. YAY! So we might wait til early spring to do the inside of the porch(bead board and fan and electrical). Since it's just going to sit all winter long in the cold elements outside. Will see? With the holidays coming up and all that work. We will need to focus on Christmas instead. After that it's snowmobile season for DOUG. So lots of stuff going on SOON.

Well, gotta run and make dinner. I think it's going to be Teriyaki Chicken and veggies tonight. YUM!


Sherry said...

What a cutie patootie puppy!! Sorry you are losing your groomer and that family is moving away. When "bad" things happen they tend to happen in groupings.

Love your's so cute!!

Susan said...

Sorry to hear your news. Sure hope you find another groomer!

Sandy said...

OMG he looks so cuuuute! Sorry about Sandy and maybe your SIL leaving! I can't wait to see what you'll do for Thanks Giving!BTW, I have a surprise for YOU in my next post..stay tuned!!


Danielle said...

WOW...Muffin looks ADORABLE with those cute little blue bows :) What a cutie!!! Bummer that Muffin's groomer is leaving :(

YOUCH about your family moving away too :(

Big Hugs sweetie!!!

MNScrapbookmom said...

Muffin is so adorable !!! Look at those little bows... My dogs go to a groomers in our area, and it would be quite the drive for you to come here. Hope everything works out with the move for your SIL. Family moving away is hard. Chin up dear friend.¥