Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunny FALL day

We had a great sunny and pretty outside. I took a break from our activities and got some shots of our Autumn Blaze Maple Tree. Love that tree! We planted it a few years ago in our yard. We needed some nice front yard trees. So we splurged and planted this Autumn Blaze. Mostly for the reason below. Wonderful color in the fall. Turns colorful reds and oranges. It's a very nice tree but kinda expensive if your looking to buy a tree. So worth it when it turns color in the fall. I always look forward to this tree in October. We never had regretted splurging on this tree. It grew pretty fast too. It's getting pretty big.

I took some pixs of our outdoor pumpkin set up on our front stoop. We really needed new scarecrows this year but I couldn't find any I liked at the store. So we gave up and put out our old ones. They look ok here but they are really getting rotted out from being out in the elements. I always opt to put out these fake light up pumpkins. The real pumpkins just don't last long enough, and rot out or the candle doesn't stay lit in them. So these light up ones we love. No maintenance on them just plug them in. No carving either!

I made a new hay bale scene in my hall room entry way(inside the house). See above. I bought those ceramic pumpkins from Joann's Fabrics. Love the Welcome and FALL on the pumpkins. I ended up buying the BOO rock for Aaron. He loved it at the store. However, it was really really super annoying. So I had to shut it off. Every time I walked by it would make a sinister laughing noise. It was cute at first but after awhile it drives you nuts. Ha ha ha Muffin hated the BOO rock too. I was going to put it out in my rock bed when the kids come by at Halloween, to scare them(it is motion sensored) but decided instead to put it indoors. Not sure how it would hold up outside in the cold and rain? I ended up buying a little hay bale to set all the pumpkins and the boo rock to make a fall scene.

We had a very low key weekend. Doug is working on the porch full force now. I will post pixs of the progress this week. Along with a post on a Kiesch I made over the weekend(yummo it was good). Hope everyone is having a fantastic Fall season thus far.


Danielle said...

OMG Paulene!!! That Autumn Blaze maple is GORGEOUS!!!!! I can imagine how excited you get when the colors start to change...the pics are beautiful :)

LOVE your scarecrows and pumpkins too! I wanna get some light-up ones too :D But I still love my real ones... :)

LOVE that corner with the haybale...that's so cool with all those pumpkins and the BOO rock eheheheh :) Too cute!!!!

Kory Dordea said...

BEAUTIFUL fall pictures!!!!

Tag!! You're it!! See my blog at!

Sandy said...

That tree sure is beautiful and you did a great job decorating. I could just see Muffin getting spooked by the rock..LOL! You should bring it outside on Halloween night. I never made keitch before, please send a recipe when you have time!!!! Hugs..Sandy

Cheryl Wray said...

Look at those trees!! Just gorgeous colors!