Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Finally getting around to posting my Kiesch I made this past weekend. Made it for my DH since he is hard at work........working on our porch project. Thought he could use some comfort food. Kiesch isn't normally a "GUY" type of food. Ha! However, my Dh eats anything and everything. So no worries...............and he loves this revised version of Kiesch I make. Normally this recipe calls for Spinach. I stopped using the spinach since all the recalls had been made on spinach. Can't seem to get back to buying it now. I love that bag spinach too. What a bummer! Maybe I will get over and buy it once again. I really don't like buying any veggie in a bag anymore. Since all the recalls and such seems to happen to veggies in a bag. Oh well, anyhow I was going to say that I load this spinach Kiesch with MEAT. Any guy will like Kiesch this way. Just load it with the meats. I also use Pepper jack Cheeses to spice it up. The recipe calls for Swiss cheese but I don't usually like Swiss as much as I like the spicier cheeses. Just depends on what you like. Any meat will work too. I use Grilled Chicken in my recipe. Love it and it's healthier to grill the chicken. Grill it on the grill and than cut it up into small pieces for the kiesch. This is a good way to use left over grilled meat too. If you have left overs from grilling the night before. (you can also use Ham, hamburger, sausage, or make it vegetarian if you like). Kiesch is easy to revise any way you like it with any ingredients really.

Here is my finished Kiesch. I usually keep it in the oven an hour and let it cool for at least 15 minutes or more. Otherwise, it is super hot. I usually cook up some Parmesan garlic toast while I wait for the kiesch to cool.

I use a basic pie crust recipe from any cook book. You could even use a pre-made pie crust. However, pie crust is really easy to make. Here's an easy tip to rolling pie crust. I usually roll it out on wax paper and than just flip it over into the pie plate. Makes it easier to work with and get it into the pie plate. Than I just use a fork and make a decorative edge. Some people will flute their edge too. You can use any edge you like. The fork method is the easiest-LOL!

Than just fill your kiesch however you like. I start with the cheese on the bottom. Gives it a nice taste with the pie crust. Notice I have it filled with pepper jack. Oh yeah, we like it spicy here~ha! If you don't like things spiced up.....the recipe calls for slices of Swiss on the bottom. Either way it's tasty way to start. The next step I load it with the meat. Than I put my already sauteed mushrooms and onions on top.

The recipe calls for 1 Cup Half and half mixed with 3 eggs, flour, and salt. I usually mix these ingredients together and than pour onto the kiesch. Make sure it doesn't overflow over the edge. Than all you do is top with cheeses. I add crack peppercorn to every dish. So I loaded it with peppercorns. I love PEPPER! I am a pepper-holic. The smell is so yummy...cracked pepper. So I added it on top.

Than you just stick that pie in the oven for about an hour or til cheese is bubbly brown on top and your set for a comfort food that will last you thru the whole day. Kiesch is very filling! plus makes good left overs for a snack later in the evening. Ha! I thank my sister Wanda for starting me on this fun and easy recipe. I never made Kiesch until my sister was over one time and she wanted to make Spinach Kiesch. Thanks Wanda for giving us the tips on Kiesch and making us realize that Kiesch isn't just for Gals. Ha! Kiesch is perfect for a Sunday brunch meal.

Here is the recipe: Wanda found this one online but I am sure there are alot of good Kiesch recipes out there. If you have one....please share. I am always looking for new recipes.


MNScrapbookmom said...

This is fantastic !!! I love new recipes. Never had Kiesch, or owned a recipe for it, but I am going to give it a try. :) Pepper Jack Cheese is big in my house as well, so I am going to adjust the recipe to meet our cheese choice. Thanks so much for sharing. This is great !!! This week I am into baking - but the sweeter the better is this weeks theme. I made homemade Applecrisp from Honeycrisp apples. It is so delicious. (Trying a new recipe for that too) Maybe I will have to share that recipe online as well. :) Have a great day. ¥

Cheryl Wray said...

Okay, this is something I have never had before. But it looks absolutely FABULOUS!! I'm saving the recipe!!

Sandy said...

YUMMO! Thanks for sharing the recipe! Can't wait to make this!!!

Danielle said...

OMG that looks SUPER YUMMY!!!!

I've never had a Kiesch before...I must try this :)

Thanks for posting the recipe and the pics :D