Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Stormy night for is our neighbors tree on top of our driveway. It nearly took out our mailbox. I was hoping this tree would have completely come down. This tree is old and rotting out and our neighbor had told us he was gettin rid of it. He never got rid of it and now it's all over our driveway...ha! I hate this tree mostly because it's a boxielder tree loaded with millions of nasty boxielder bugs. BlAH!

Just some more views of the tree that fell. The storm was a pretty bad one. We had a tornado warning and our sirens were going off. We hid in the basement and heard tons of hail hitting our house. Luckily, well if you can call it luck..........we had an insurance claim out for a new roof from a previous storm and never got it re-roofed yet. Now we will have to for sure! We also have hail damage to our siding.

Last view of the tree............from the street. Our other neighbors huge pine tree went down. That tree down was way worse as it was a nice pine. We sat in our basement while the sirens were going off thinking it was "it" as we looked out the window and saw wicked winds and trees bending every which way. It was freaky! We survived and our house did too. Muffin hates the sound of hail hitting the house. She never use to be scared of storms but now she is for some reason? She barks at the thunder noise.

We still don't have our cable back from our last lightning storm....and I had to watch the QVC Craft Fair all day long on my laptop. I was looking forward to seeing this event on QVC as it only comes around twice a year. So, as soon as it started on Monday night did the storm. Ha ha ha! least the worse of the storm had passed. Only major lightning and thunder etc. and that was round 2 of those storms. As we had two storms pass on by that night. First it was the tornado warning ....than we had a second less threatening storm. All and all it was a "thrilling" night of storms and QVC scrapbook watching. Oh, I bought tons of stuff. Have to share in another blog entry later.

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Kory Dordea said...

Glad the tree didn't come down on your house or anything - that seems to happen a lot here in GA!