Monday, August 13, 2007


I call this Progress! Finally getting around to starting our Porch and Deck project...YIPPEEE! This is going to be cool to journal online our progress on the porch. Here is one of our first steps-To cut out the sod in the area where the porch will go.

In the photo where all the dirt is...will be how big the deck and porch will extend from the house. The Porch will continue on from the little roof line we have going by our patio door. The deck will be along side the porch on the side you see in this photo.

Here is the trusty sod cutting machine we rented. Works slick to cut away the sod in fast easy strips.

Doug's giving the thumbs up...........I think he was just happy it wasn't a million degrees hot like the previous day(Ha)! Sunday was alot less humid and great for cutting sod and moving it. Dave(Doug's Dad) was here to help cut the sod. Super nice of Dave to help out like he did. Thanks Dave........all your help really really means alot to us! Of course, Aaron helped out with the "guys" and had a blast driving his "pretend" truck around all the sod piles. ha!

Piles and piles of Sod......................what is one to do with all these wonderful piles of fresh grass?

Here is Aaron driving his "truck" around the piles of sod.

This is what you do with all these piles of Freshly watered SOD..........take them to a place you never got around to seeding. Ha.......great deal! Doug never got around to seeding this side of the new garage. So this was perfect amount of sod for that area. Only thing is-the reason Doug never seeded this area......there is no sprinkler's set up in that area. He was always going to put a new zone in but never did. So he will have to hand sprinkle this area for awhile. BLAK! Especially with the real bad drought we've been having this won't be easy task. Hopefully we can keep the sod moist so it will grow into place.

What does Aaron do while Doug and Dave are working on the sod? He drives his little black truck around the driveway. Notice he has all his "little Treasures" in the back of his pickup. Ha! He's so cute that way. Oh....I threw in a photo of my hostas under the tree by the new garage. This is what we do with all our hostas we transplanted from near the house. They love it under this tree. I have some Daylilies too and that purple leaf plant(can't remember the name of it off hand?)

What does Muffin do while all this is going on??? Ha...she looks out the window and wishes she could be underfoot. She's too much of a cuss to let out while doing all this work. Don't worry she had her share of fun afterwords. She got to sniff her "potty spots" in the sod by the new garage. Since that is the sod where she would pee pee by the house. The spots got moved to the other location. Ha!

My MIL will enjoy these photos as she can see all that Dave and Doug worked on all weekend long. I am just happy for some progress. Doug had hopes of drilling in the footings but ran out of time. He has hopes of getting that done this week and than starting on the deck. Once the footings are inspected. I will keep everyone updated with photos when new progress happens.

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Danielle said...

WOW...that porch is going to be nice & big!!!! They did a great job removing the sod - that little machine works wonders :D Great idea to put it in the other spot too...that way there isn't any waste :) Aaron seems to be having lots of fun with his little pick-up :D heeheheh too cute!!!