Friday, August 17, 2007

QVC Craft Fair on the Laptop

Here are some scrapbooking supplies I bought on the latest Craft fair on QVC. If anyone doesn't know.........QVC has many scrapbook supplies for a great deal. They usually have couple hour shows every month or so. However, twice a year they have their All day long craft fair. Featuring alot of or mostly all scrapbooking supplies. This time around my cable was out due to the storm we had. It is still out as we noticed service was back for our area but still we had no cable. Our cable box is near the tree that fell down. So we think it might have damaged the line. So now we wait til saturday for our cable company to come check it out and hopefully fix the problem. It's hard to live without cable.....I missed Top Chef(ha ha ha). Anyhow, I watched the craft fair on my laptop. Not too easy viewing that way but at least I was able to keep and eye on the products being sold. Watched Donna Downey presenting the Arrcivo, and Heidi Swapp presenting all her items. Lisa Bearnson was on presenting alot of fun stuff. As well as Nancy Hill(Die Cuts with a view) and Brenda Walton & Anna Griffin. Lots of other people from the scrapbook industry. Lets just say my eyes were watering trying to watch that laptop all day long/and night. I didn't buy the TSV(today's special Value) which was the Quickutz silhouette. That ended up selling out in the mid morning time. I did end up buying...................the Bazzill paper cardstock. As Heidi Swapp presented this special buy. I had to jump on it I know scrapbookers are crazy about their Bazzill paper. Good thing I did because it sold out in no time at all.

Bazzill Cardstock in yummy colors

Than I was tempted by Lisa Bearnson's 4th book. I just bought her 3rd book but wanted to get the 4th. As I am collecting them. Her book has many of the Layouts made specifically for QVC shows. Lisa puts the Layouts in a book and sells fun mini books to create and other goodies along with her book. It's a good value and fun. Plus, the bonus of having pictures of all the Layouts with the latest products in the book itself. Super cool!

Scrapbooking with Lisa Bearnson book 4

Of course, I promised myself I would not buy any more chipboard but here I am "busted"........I couldn't resist. Too cute of fonts on these chipboard to pass up. Plus, their glittery too.
Glitter Chipboard Alphas kit

I saw these 8x8 Christmas albums and thought they would be PERFECT for my Christmas photos from 06. I even have paper already for these albums. As I saw the covers and thought this would match some papers I bought that were holiday themed 8x8. I almost always pick up some ribbon too and saw these cute Holiday theme ribbon. thought it would be great with these albums I just purchased.

8x8 Holiday Theme albums and Ribbon:

I know, I know ...............more chipboard. I couldn't was KI Memories Chipboard and accents. I just had to have them. Hee hee! Not a real great pix of them but don't worry. When I get the real deal I will take some snap shots and post them on my blog. I thought the Holiday themed one would work great with the above albums too. However, one draw back.......the Holiday themed one was waitlisted. I wasn't fast enough and they sold out. So who knows when I will rreally get them or if ever??? It's pretty good tho as it was the only item I got waitlisted on. The Fall one I will get right away as it wasn't sold out.

KI Memories Chipboard Kits

To further my theme I ended up gettin sucked in to the Auto delivery thingy. I need more flower accents and they had these themed ones. Seemed like a good variety of flowers plus with jewel centers and brads I should get this Autumn themed one first. Than in the next 60 or 90 days I will get a Holiday themed flowers. Than next 60 or 90 days I will get a Spring themed flowers etc......I have only heard bad things about their auto delivery but never experienced it for myself. Ha ~guess i will find out first hand huh?

Auto delivery Flowers-seasonal.

All in all it was a good scrapfair day. Can't wait for the next one in Febuary. Better start saving my money now for it(ha ha ha)!


Kory Dordea said...

Look at all of your yummy goodies you lucky girl! Can't believe I missed the craft fair!!!

Danielle said...

YOUCH! Bummer about the tree falling and the big storms (we had HAIL today!!! YUCK)

It's great that you got to watch the QVC fair on your laptop though :) I've never seen their shows before, but I have ordered the 1st Lisa Bearnson book from them :D I loved it...and bought the 2nd one too!

I love all the great goodies that you were able to get :) That flower pack looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can't wait to see your other ones :)