Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Elsie Blog Party Challenge

Hey all! Elsie Flannigan is having a blog party today. Alight Elsie!!! Thought I would part take in the challenge. Here it is for the world to see. My "gulp" age. Here is the link on the challenge: Elsie's Challenge

Here is my quick layout I made on the computer. Didn't have too much time to get fancy with it. Just a quick layout of my goals and dreams for my upcoming bday. My birthday is Sept. 4 so I think I won't accomplish too many goals by that time. Ha ha ha....maybe by next bday??? I am turning 39 this year. So the big one(40) will be next year.

Most of my goals are just simple ones. Need a hair make over the most. Long story but my hair color has been less than great. My hair has had a bad highlight job and turned grey tone. So I've been letting it go natural and letting it grow out. I soon plan a new highlights that will turn it back to the color BLONDE(ha). I don't need to age myself even more with grey overtones. BLAK! My friend Angie promised me a makeover too. She's super good at all that girlie stuff. So I am holding you to it ANGIE. Come on over and give me a makeover. It will be FUN! Girls night makeover night. ha! The rest are just some home goals we have in the works. The porch is on the way. I am hoping to someday put in a in ground pool. We still have hopes and dreams for that someday. Although, our foundation problem we've had (20 grand)may have done that dream in as our insurance didn't pay for ground movement. That really sucked! So there goes the money for the pool. Perhaps someday that goal will be available but for now it's on the back burner. Not too grand of goals but it's where we are at right now as far as our life goes.

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Danielle said...

I love that layout...the part where it says "Son's dreams before my dreams" is beautiful!!!! You are such a sweetie!