Friday, August 31, 2007

No More Tree & Porch update

Remember the tree that fell in the storm? Here it is..............GONE! Bye bye boxielder bug tree- I won't miss you in the least! Ha ha ha

It's pretty empty in that spot's weird to see that spot so flattened out. I am sure the weeds will grow over that spot soon enough(ha)! Our neighbor keeps it natural in that area.

I think it ended up costing our neighbor 3,000 to remove the tree. He has some other trees removed too so it wasn't just that one tree.

Now for the porch:

Here is the progress of the do-it-yourselfer below. Ha ~he's staking out his lines to figure out where the footings will go. The city was just here and approved all our footing holes. So were good to go on getting the footings in this weekend and than we can build the deck & porch. Progress is slow going.......................and will be I bet.

Here's some pixs of Doug drilling the holes for the footings:(exciting stuff-I tell you)

It's our anniversary this weekend(Sunday). So will probably take a short break on the porch project and go somewhere and do something. Not sure yet what that will be but keep you posted. It's going to be a busy weekend............and Tues. is my bday too. So we are celebrating that on Tuesday and going out to eat.

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MNScrapbookmom said...

Wish you a very Happy Anniversary this weekend. ¥