Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Story of US

Some of you may know already how Doug and I met for the very first time. Some might not. For those that don't...................Doug and I met thru my employer at the time(Shari). I nannied for her family. She hooked me up on a blind date with a friend of hers and his name was Rick. Rick happen to be in a band named: B4UC. Rick and I had a great time but really just remained Friends. Well, one night his band was playing at the Nights of Columbus Hall. So Shari and I dressed up to the max and went to Rick's concert. Shari's friend from High School and college was going to be at Rick's concert. His name was Mike and he was Rick's brother. Well, guess who Mike's roommate and best friend was at the time? Doug! YEP! I met my future husband at the Nights of Columbus Hall. Ha ha ha!

It's pretty funny because Shari hadn't seen Mike in along time so she wanted to take some photos. So I even got photos of the first time we ever met. So funny! Here are some of those photos. Forgive the quality of the was along time ago when it was old "film" camera shots. Ha! Thank God for Digital photos!!!

Here we all are at the table gettin to know each other better(ha ha ha)Mike's making a goofy face and Doug is so supportive(he's wearing a B4UC T-shirt). In Order: Mike, Pauline, Doug, and Shari.
This one is good: Mike and Doug trying to lift me up. We were getting some goofy shots and just goofing around. No wonder I liked Doug........he was a fun guy. But those shorts he's wearing-I have to say were a complete turn off(ha ha ha). The next time we met up again, he dressed up really nice. I think he just thought he was going to hang out with Mike and not meet his future wife(ha)!

Some more shots of us goofing around after the concert. Rick's band was good that night. Thanks to Shari and Rick....................Doug and I met! We owe it all to these two below in the photo(with Me). I would have never met Doug if I had never known Shari and worked for her..........and her setting me up with Rick. I wouldn't have met Doug if I never dated Rick ....and went to his concert and met his brother's BBF which happen to be Doug. Funny how life works isn't it? Thanks Shari and Rick..............You Rock! Thanks to Mike....he also had a hand in Doug and I meeting. We all had alot of good times together. We are all still friends and have our own families. Good times...........good times. (Pauline, Rick, and Shari in the photo below:B4UC concert).

Happy Anniversary to my Loving Hubby ............................................Love YOU! We were married on Sept. 02, 1994. Tomorrow for our anniversary we are running down to SW Minnesota for a little fun drive and scenic area by Lake Pepin.

I added Doug and I special song to my blog on the side bar. Ha~one can tell around what year it was~one hit wonder band EMF. It's our song tho so can't make fun too much. It's our song because it was playing that night when Doug and I met. We were both jamming out to the song and first glimpse of how much fun Doug was and how well we got along. Plus, who wouldn't jam out to this tune. It was in all the clubs at the time. Hee! Happy Anniversary Bear Bear!(ok, my nickname for my Dh...don't laugh).


Sandy said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! What an amazing story of how you met! You guys were destined to meet! Hope you had a nice celebration dinner! Our Anniversary is Wednesday and I may have to copy your idea of sharing our story of how we met..LOL!

Sandy said...

Happy Anniversary!!! How long has it been? You look fab. in those pics! Hope you had fun celebrating!

MNScrapbookmom said...

This is entry is awesome. I love that you shared your story, and the photos. Big Hair baby... :) My husband and I met through a friend also. We had known each other for years though, then one day he called to see if I was dating anyone. I wasn't. So he asked me out. (finally) Our first date... we saw Interview with a Vampire the movie - during a snow storm. Wish I would have taken a few photos early on in our relationship. Have a great weekend, and Happy Anniversary. ¥