Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What I'm working on next

Here is my next project I started working on for scrapbooking. Decided to start out slow and do a bunch of mini albums. I remembered these Donna Downey tag and coin mini albums I bought from QVC awhile ago(Feb.)

The first one I wanted to start with was the big green tag album. I had just the perfect photos for this size. Our little mini trip to Bluefin Bay Resort on Minnesota's Northshore in Tofte, MN. Love, love that place. Bluefin is our favorite place on the Northshore of Lake Superior. I have tons of fun photos from when we first brought Aaron up to Bluefin in the summer of 2005. He was two years old at the time.

I wanted to use this size album as .....it would work perfect to make panoramic size photos of Bluefin and Lake superior and some hiking trails we hiked.

Here is my messy scraproom: at work on the album.

Here is my cover I made. Like I said I decided to go with panoramic size photos(same size as the album. I used the chipboard that was included in the kit. Great chipboard....it was self adhesive(LOVE IT) and the "vacation" rub-on. The rub-ons are all handwritten format(Love that too). I also made a back journal page with a sized up photo of bluefin coastline. It was kinda blurring in doing that but thought it added to the charm. Than I added some more rub-on's for the title. In the photo they are not rubbed on to the photo yet.

Here is the inside flap of the album and first page. Not sure yet what I will do with them yet??? Since I decided to go with large photo format it won't leave much room for anything else. Which is what I was aiming for on this album. Simple and photos. Mostly just add rub-on's and chipboard and some journaling.

Here is the last page.........darn! I like how it turned out now and I added all kinds of fun accents to this page. Can't go back now ....I already made the large format photos. Ha! Only reason I did this with the last page....is I had this photo that couldn't make large format and decided to add it to the end. Since it was small I had to add all the other stuff and ended up liking it. Hee hee....That will be the only pattern paper page most likely.

Just a closer look........don't you just love that chipboard round frame? So fun! I had some left over paper from my Colorbok (by Kolette) paper kit. So I added paper and border design with a saying and just happen to have these fun metal flowers that were just the right color. I haven't adhered anything down just yet but it was my work in progress. Love that photo of Aaron and Doug on a walking trail steps at Cascade River.

Well, that's my sneak peek.........no big thrill just simple easy scrapbooking. My style is more let the photos be the MAIN deal. I love embellies and pattern paper. However, I love the photo to be the main focus. Since that's why I scrapbook.


Danielle said...

OMG that album is perfect for those pictures!!! LOVE the size of it too...and the color is awesome ~ It's one of my favorites :)

Your desk is far from messy girl! I wish my desk was messy like that when I scrapbooked heheheheheheh :D

Anonymous said...

Wow! Pauline you really need to set up a portfolio and start doing some marketing brochures for Bluefin Bay! Heheh. You could make great money for the quality and artistic value you have in your designs!!! Very nice!

MNScrapbookmom said...

Oh Paulene, I love your album...its wonderful !!! I love the size. I have yet to do one of these, but now that I have seen yours, I am so into it. I could probably make one pretty easily with my new Zutter. Lovely...

Paul-ene said...

I wanna a zutter!!! ha...definately on my list to buy next I think.

Thanks Wanda for the compliment on BB brochure. I am sure they have a company that does that already tho...hee hee hee

They do have a calendar contest every year on sending in photos to use on their yearly calendar they send out and whomever they pick gets free stay at bluefin for three days. whhooeee...I need to try that. You know how spendy$$$ bluefin can be so that is a deal in my book.

Danielle....maybe my desk isn't so messy-FYI-did you see Ali E. dining table? ha(I wanna go clean it off for her right now)!

Scrapdragons said...

Wow!! I love this!! & if that is your messay scraproom you really need to see mine!!


Sandy said...

Gosh the panoramic photos paired with rub-ons make it look like a professional book! It's very Ali.E..LOL! Man I wish I had your scrap room to crop in!