Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Summer dreaming

We are working on our porch plan and I found this at home depot. This magazine had alot of good ideas for porch projects.

We staked out our porch in the backyard but we ran into problems with our deck. So we got set back as our deck wasn't big enough to be useful. So we had to redesign how we would make it work.

We should be ready to get this plan into the city soon.

Hopefully we can get this going soon. Here's hoping!

Yes, were doing our own porch/deck. We built the house and the extra garage so we might as well tackle the porch too. Don't really have a choice as we can't afford to hire out. No matter, I trust Doug will do better job than anyone we can hire. As it's our home and will want to do a good job. It just takes more time we have to do the project as we have time. Mostly weekends.

Here are some of the porches from the book that caught my eye the most. I could have put all the pixs in the magazine on here(my blog) as all the porches are so wonderful.

I love the vault in this porch and the painted bead board ceiling. The fireplace is cozy too.

Love this one too...reminds me of an old fashion screen porch. Again, white bead board ceiling...I think I am partial to the white bead board look. So soothing!

Fancy bead board ceiling! cool light fixture too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these hanging swings. I need one of those!!! Drink our lemonade on the swing while we watch the fireflies in the backyard. Too much fun to dream.

Every porch should have a eating area with a cute bistro table. I already have my bistro table collecting dust in my basement. Thinking of bringing it in the porch for a eating area. This porch is cute too. Love the idea of a ceiling fan for a breeze on those hot days.

This photo below is from Traditional homes magazine. Love this sleeping porch too. So cozy and comfy looking.

I just like the look of this house and threw it in.............what a curb appeal for this home. Love all the pretty flowers and the entry way screams charm and welcome.

Enough dreaming for now. Soon maybe soon .....we can sit and dream while in our porch. Ha!

By the way..............Happy 4th of July to everyone and hope you have a wonderful 4th with good eats (picnics, grilling, sunshine etc....) and good friends and FAMILY. We will be celebrating the 4th events with Doug's family. Can't wait to share in the fun with them in a laid back atmosphere of the backyard BBQ. We will be celebrating our friends Sylvia's birthday too. Happy Birthday Sylvia your the best.


Danielle said...

WOW...nice porches!!! I can't wait to see the one you pick :D

Happy 4th of July :D

mrsdinlv said...

Beautiful porches! Wouldn't it be awesome to have a space like that? They always look so unattainable in the magazines.