Thursday, July 5, 2007

Favorite Photo

This is my favorite photo of Aaron to date. I have many but this one stands out to me for some reason. Just the closeup shot and his expression. I didn't crop this photo either/this is the original pix. I love how you can see the reflection in his eyes so I didn't photo shop that out. I also love the little Nacho chip debris around his mouth(ha)!

I am sharing this pix because it's from Last 4th of July(06).

I love how the photo is more to the side(left) and that I captured Aaron in a closeup with his 4th of July hat on. It will surly bring back fond memories when we look back on this photo someday.

I also made this pix into a frame from and put it in black and white to make it a little different view from the original and I liked how that turned out too.

Below is a pix of that B & W photo:

TFL and I will be posting our new 4th of July pixs soon. Hope everyone has a great weekend coming up. We will be busy with our annual family funfest that our community puts on. I will be getting pixs of that shortly. My sister is schedule to visit us -and will be here for two weeks. I think she has a Minnesota Twins Game in mind!!! Not long and it will be my son's birthday. He will be turning 4. He's getting so big. I will be posting all those events soon. Unfortunately my 20 year high school class reunion(yikes, does this age me right here on my blog? ha) is this weekend too. So we had to miss out because of all our events that our happening in July and the reunion is way up north in Western Minnesota. I am hoping to get the scoop on all the happenings from my high school friend that is going. Hopefully we can attend the next reunion(gosh how old will we be than? yikes).

Have a happy holiday week everyone.


Danielle said...

That sure is a GORGEOUS picture of your little guy!!! Great job :)

I love the black & white conversion too :D

Carla said...

he is adorable!!! i can see why this one is your favorite....for now :)