Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tasty Minnesota

Today the Taste of Minnesota started. It's St. Paul's annual 4th of July celebration they have for several days until the 4th of July. So much fun! We should have went to it today. It was perfect bike riding weather. I got mixed up thought it started on Sunday. now we missed out on a good day for biking to the festival. It's suppose to get hotter out like in the 90's. Not so good bike riding weather.

We like to bike down to the festival because it so much easier than driving there. The bike path leads right to Harriet Island where they hold the Taste of Minnesota. The Bike Path is pretty nice too. We usually bring a tasty picnic with us on the bikes. Than we pick a nice shaded spot by the river(Mississippi) and have music in the park picnic. I know....I is called the taste of Minnesota because all the food vendors set up there and it's a big eating fest. However, it's all expensive and unhealthy we like to bring our own picnic and lounge and just have fun people watching.

I hope we can make it to the festival this year??? We don't like to go if it gets hot. Will see?

I have some old pixs of the bike trail if anyone likes to see what it is like. One of the best bike paths we have found in the city. Goes right to Harriet Island, St. Paul. This is old pixs of us on the bike path( I need to get some new ones right?) Anyway, this is one of the best parts of the bike path. Goes along the Mississippi River. Very scenic and fun and Great for Rollerblade rs. I seen alot of Rollerblades on this path. Good workout and a great view!

Harriet Island in St. Paul Minnesota is one of the best parks around the twin cities area. This park is one of our favorites to picnic. Mostly because of the great views of the St. Paul Skyline and the Mississippi River. The Bike paths wind all over the park for easy access.

One of the reason we love to bike to Harriet Island. We can get there easy and park our bikes and use the baby cart as a stroller and put all our picnic and items in the cart. LOVE IT!

To the right is a pix of the light post and the lovely flowers baskets. This is a great park for walking too and really close to all the attractions of St. Paul.

The city of St. Paul use to have the Taste of Minnesota right in the city(capitol grounds). That was one of the worse experiences EVER going to the festival. I am so happy they moved it to Harriet Island. So much more laid back and less traffic and less everything. It was so so crowded on the capitol grounds and getting out of there was a complete nightmare. Granted we did go during the night to see the fireworks etc....but it was just a complete different experience than by the river.

Below are more pixs of St. Paul skyline and the showboats that are park near the river. I have added some of our most favorite pixs of Harriet Island. Those pixs aren't from the Taste of Minnesota but just in Harriet Island for annual picnics. Just thought I would throw them in.....there old pixs when Aaron was just a baby. So cute! One of my fav. is the one of Aaron and I and in the backdrop is the St. Paul Cathedral. Super cool!

Fun photos to bring back memories for babes was super small. This is my favorite pix of Aaron from that summer picnic on Harriet Island.


Danielle said...

Sounds like a great Festival/Event!!!! It's great that they celebrate until July 4th comes along :) Lots of great things during a long weekend!

I love the great pictures...Your town is so BEAUTIFUL!!!

I hope you get to go this year :)

I'm so anxious for Tomorrow's Canada Day events & fireworks!!!

mrsdinlv said...

What a great bike trail! We have been wanting to get some bikes for a few months now. Hope you were able to make it to the festival!

MNScrapbookmom said...

Great them all. Love the festival, although I haven't been to one in years. I have been riding my bike lately too, so relaxing. :) ¥