Friday, July 13, 2007

A Birthday and a Wall Mural

We went out to eat for my Brother-In-Laws bday at Texas Roadhouse Restaurant last night. It was a good time and such good food. It's custom in Doug's family for the person with the birthday....gets to pick which restaurant for their bday celebration. Than, afterwords we all meet at home and have cake and ice cream and coffee.

Bob picked Texas Roadhouse. Here he is getting his pix taken on the BULL. Ha! Seems as tho Texas Roadhouse makes a big deal about birthdays. Looks like I won't be picking that restaurant for my birthday celebration. Ha ha ha! Don't want to get on the BULL. No free bowl of ice cream is worth that for sure! Bob sure looks like he's having fun.
Sorry for the poor photo .....we took this with our camera phone.

Last time I was at Texas Roadhouse I didn't get a pix of this really cool mural on the wall. I swore if I ever went back I would get a pix. Here it cute!!! I like how they portrayed Minnesota in this wall mural. All the animal critters are natives of MN(Moose, Raccoons, Fish, Wolf, Bear). That snowmobile is so funny! Love the ice fishing shed too. Notice it has satellite dish on the roof. This mural cracks me up. Plus, it really feels like you can walk right into the picture and go ice fishing(ha) or snowmobiling. Too much fun! Another view of the mural below:

Haven't blogged for's a countdown to my sons birthday. His theme this year is Disney's Pixar CARS. Can't believe my babes is turning 4(WOW). So big! He has hit some big milestones.....and sure more to be discovered.


MNScrapbookmom said...

Happy Birthday Aaron !!! Wishing you many more... Can't wait to see pics of his party. :) ¥ I love Cars...

Danielle said...

That mural is beautiful!!!!

OMG he's turning 4!?!?! Happy Birthday little Aaron :)