Monday, July 16, 2007

Aaron's 4th Bday Card

This past weekend was my son's 4th birthday. This year we choose Disney's Pixar Cars for the theme. Last year it was Blue's Clues and I found some really Cool Nick Jr. Free down loadable scrapbook stuff on the Nick Jr. online site. This year I wasn't so lucky. I couldn't find a thing on the Disney Cars stuff. I did finally manage to find a few pixs to download and I made this card for my son's birthday.
Here is the Envelope cover I made....I think it was originally meant to be a wallpaper download I used it for his envelope.

Notice I used my Cosmo Cricket paper scraps to build his card. Ha! Good way to use up the Cosmo Cricket huh?

I was on a time I did most of the card graphics on the computer. Than printed out the pixs and put them on the card I made.

Real fast way to put together a card.

Below is just some sayings Aaron says.....all the time. Like He loves to take a ride in the car or the truck(he calls our car the's a Mazda tribute..thus zoom in the commercial).

I was able to use some of Aaron's favorite sayings in the card. Like for example he calls the store we shop at.......The Fire store. Turns out they had a fire and had to close our local market down for awhile. Thus, Aaron calls it the fire store.

The broken Menard's happens to be the new saying Aaron talks about all the time now. They are tearing down our old Menard's and completely rebuilding it. Thus, it's the broken Menard's.

The end photo is just a bunch of sayings and or doings Aaron likes......He is obsessed with bridges, Loves riding on Daddy's motorcycle, and Loves to play at the old garage which is really our NEW garage. Go figure? And his all time favorite.....going to Target. Ha!

Below is just a photo of Doug holding Aaron's card for him to read.

Below is a photo of Aaron enjoying looking at his Cars Card.

We had a good time for Aaron's 4th birthday celebration. I have tons of photos to share. Will do in a couple days time.

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Danielle said...

WOW Paulene...those cards are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love that you incorporated his little sayings into the thought bubbles with the cars :D Adorable!!!

I can't wait to see the pictures :)

Happy 4th Birthday Aaron!!!