Sunday, June 24, 2007

Music that ROCKS!

I am in love with this music I picked up from THE FRAY. WOW.....such a great CD! It's official ....their my new fav. band. I just love their mix of music. That guy knows how to rock a piano. LOL!

I knew I would like them the minute I saw their video: Over my Head (cable car). Love that song and video. Most everyone knows their song because of "Greys Anatomy". Personally I don't watch that show but seen the commercial with "how to save a life" going along with the commercial. Ha!

I also picked up the NEW Maroon 5. I loved their CD "songs about Jane". Very good..........and their new one is great too. It's not as good as songs about Jane but that was a hard one to live up to. Love their new song "makes me wonder". Unfortunately I also picked up Avril Lavigne's new one. I haven't like much of her new songs but thought I would try it out anyway. Haven't had the heart to listen to it yet. I don't have too much faith it will be any good??? maybe I will be surprised? I liked her last one so much. Hope this one is good. Next time I will have to check it out first on Amazon. Ha! maybe soon I can buy a ipod and just download music. Good idea huh? Anyway, I highly suggest the FRAY if you like that rocky/intense/slow groove stuff. I love it! I like songs with "substance". Don't get me wrong....I like those little no message tunes too but one with great! Whatever your listening too ....ENJOY and have a great SUMMER with FUN TUNES!

If you bought any that you just LOVE....please share in my comment area. I am always looking for good music and word of mouth is always the best. Carla recently suggested Mandy Moore and I just love Mandy Moore. That may have to be the next one I get. Thanks Carla for that tip on Mandy's CD. Any other suggestions are greatly welcome...THANKS!


Danielle said...

Those are great cds!!! I don't have the new Avril yet, but the songs are great :) I've always liked her!

I love the new Linkin Park cd :D

MNScrapbookmom said...

Great CD's... I love the Avril CD right now too... and that darn Girlfriend song... can't get it out of my head. I feel like such a teenager when I hear it... Oh well. ¥

Carla said...

cool! i am so glad you liked it too. if you like that CD you will love theWeepies too.