Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Restaurant and Aliens?

What do these 2 things have in common you ask? Well, nothing....just a FUN new theme restaurant. Who would ever think the two would go together so nicely?

It's always super fun to eat out at a new restaurant in town. I seen a advertisement for it on TV and was interested. Soon we looked it up online and thought we had to go. just to check it out. So super fun! It was very interesting in their building. Aaron loved it too! Seems it's a hoppin spot for kids. They have loads of kid friendly things there like a arcade/game room etc......

The Food is great too! We sat in a booth and the booths had these "crazy" port windows with light static flashing on it. Aaron really, really loved those. Unfortunately our booth didn't have one of those cool windows. We just had a normal light fixture. Next time tho....will make sure to get the porthole.~ha!

The place reminded me of that show Doug and I used to watch on TV(we liked it) called : Roswell. You guessed it......about aliens. Hee!

Speaking of Aliens: right before we were going to leave.........someone dressed in a alien outfit walked thru the restaurant. Aaron saw the alien first and he said to us: "look at the scary monster" ~ha ....that was so cute! He really thought the alien was fun........we tried catching up to the alien but he made a real short appearance and left back into the kitchen. Maybe next time. I guess that's what they do .....they have people dress like aliens too. was a cute place.

Doug had the ribs and I had the Wrap sandwich. I usually HATE french Fries but they had fries with two dippin sauces and in this really cool/holder. So I ordered it and had Doug share the fries. This place is not for the diet friendly crowd. Be prepared for fried foods. It is a treat tho!

I didn't bring my camera(can you believe that???) but I will leave the link so you can check out the place. Make sure to view their cute commercial ad.......that's how I first found out they built one here in town. dining out! PS-It's worth a trip to the website just to hear the funky music(Aaron really liked their Music and started doing a jig~ha!)


Carla said...

how cool is that!!?? almost like you were in Roswell NM!

Danielle said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!!!!

I miss that Roswell show hehehehe :)