Thursday, June 7, 2007

All in one shop stop

Try saying that over and over again right? No really.....just kidding around with the title. It was a fun night shopping in one building.

We needed some camping gear....and Doug's co-workers gave him a Cabela's gift card for his goodbye party. So ....we finally went to Cabela's and used the gift.

We were eyeing up the card for some camping cots. We were tired of using our air beds on the floor. It was just too damp feeling. So we are going to try cots instead. We even bought one for Aaron. One he could grow into. It's big for him now but the kids cots were really flimsy. Plus, he would grow out of them in a year or two.

This store is amazing huge. So much to look at in that store too. I usually don't like "guy" stores but this one had everything. Even a restaurant inside which was great. We ended up spending so much time in the camping area.......we just decided to eat in their dining area. I got to say it was a good value meal. Plus, can't beat a "one stop shop"~ha! Didn't have to go anywhere ...we shopped....we was all good! Here's some pixs of their cute restaurant:
Aaron absolutely loves these kind of stores. He runs to every tent that is set up and goes inside and runs out again and again and again.

We finally picked out some cots. I was surfing the web after I got home and looked up the reviews on them and it seems for once we picked out the right cots for ourselves. Doug bought a heavier duty one. Since he is a big guy. Aaron and I ended up getting the smaller cot. I couldn't believe we saved so much money for a change(ha)! I usually pick out the most expensive item ...and not on purpose either. However, this time....they were out of the cot we wanted for Aaron. They were going to give us the floor model for 10% off. Which wasn't cool. It was dirty and soiled etc.....and it was missing a bag for storage. We almost decided on a different model but the sale clerk found another one downstairs in their discounted area. Seems that cot was in worse shape for being soiled and dirty. It still was missing a bag. So the sales lady told us she give us that one for more than half off. No walking away on that deal. That's what I had expected from buying dirty one. Ha!

While waiting for Doug to do all this negotiating with the sales clerk. Aaron and I were sitting on the cot we didn't buy for Aaron.(the one the sale clerk offered for 10% off). Than Aaron and I would go sit on another cot I was going to buy. It was set up in the store to try out. It was more expensive than both the cots we picked out for Aaron and Doug. While we waited I noticed I got a sore butt sitting on the one I had picked out. THE MORE EXPENSIVE ONE. So needless to say while sitting on those cots........I decided on getting the same one we were buying for Aaron. In process figured I could get it for 10% off. We were so happy getting a deal like that. We got "greedy" and decided to negotiate for the same amount off on the soiled dirty cot I was buying too. 10% didn't seem right ...when we were getting the same cot we bought for Aaron and that one was in the SAME condition as this one. So the sales lady had no other choice but to give the cots to us for the same discounted price. HA! Sometimes, negotiating helps. That and spending oh too much time bugging the sales person. We must of been there for along time debating these cots. HA...the lady probably just wanted us out of there!

We were happy with the results...we stayed pretty much within our gift card limits. Yippeee!

If your wondering why we would buy dirty cot....don't worry! I figured I have those front loader washing I can wash about anything in them. We did when we got home and just hung them to dry. They are like brand new now. No worries and we saved alot of money. We got the cots for 20.00 a piece ....and the cot I was going to buy was 90.00. CHa CHING!$$$$

With the savings we earned we spent alittle more on accessories for our cots. Like a camping pillow and a Pouch for storage on the cots. Here is a pix of the cots we ended up with:

All and all a good shopping experience. Can' wait to go camping now and I hate camping. LOL! I am not an outdoorsy gal. However, I know Aaron and Doug would love to I will take one for the team.....ha!


MNScrapbookmom said...

Love Cabela's...sounds like you have been hanging out in my area lately...Fun times...¥

mrsdinlv said...

I love those huge outdoor stores too! I've never been in a Cabela's, but where I used to live in Las Vegas there was a HUGE Bass Pro Shop and it was the same kind of thing. There were so many things to look at! I'm a camping lover too and wouldn't mind getting some of those cots - the airbed takes way too long to fill up!

Carla said...

i have never been to cabelas, but we have one near us. i think i will have to check it out. i bet the boys would enjoy all the sights.