Thursday, June 21, 2007

Flowers = A Happy Summer

Finally a blooming summer here in Minnesota. Middle of June always sets off a nice color in my front of my house. Everything looks so nice before it gets too hot in July. I had to take some photos of all the blooming plants.

I finally got around to buying my geranium flower pots and geranium plants for my rock beds.

One good thing about buying the flowers late in the season.......I got a great deal on them.

I am so happy we bought the geranium flower pots....I was missing those greatly. They really make the front more inviting. Plus, the flowers attract the humming bird and the butterflies.

My Daylillies are blooming too. We need to separate them next year. We didn't get around to it this year.

Here some more pixs of random flowers in the rock beds. My Hydandra is starting to bloom as well. We have many hostas in the front too. Those need separating next year too. They get so big. They don't' do well in our front. Too much heat. We have moved several over to the woodsy garage spot under the tree. They like it better in the nice shade. I may have to move them all eventually ....but for now it's good. The hostas look good now but start to wither in July's heat.

Side of the house has some flowering prince wieglia and not sure what the name of my rose bushes are? I had a different kind of rose bush but it died. So I added these very hardy rose shrubs. The lady at the nursery said these were indestructible rose bushes. She wasn't kidding! They grow a little too well(so big).

I love the red prince' the red flowers on them and they look great with our house shutters.

Here is a close up of the rose bush. We had a really gross infestation of bugs on this plant. I forgot to spray the bush once it bloomed and boy was that a mistake. Tons of nasty green bugs eating away the pretty rose petals. We sprayed the bush and all is good now. It sure was disgusting tho.......all you could see was the bush moving/so many bugs. Blah! IT took the rest of the day for those gross bugs to vamoose!

My bench area is one of my favorite places to hang out and sit. This is the best bench. We had a wood bench before this one and it was terrible. IT got withered from the weather and than the bees would eat the wood. So it would attract the bees and we couldn't sit on it.

Finally we got rid of it and bought this maintenance free bench. LOVE IT! No more bees at least not on the bench. Ha!

Close up of the flowers near the bench.

The next pix is just the whole view of the front flowers. We enjoy hanging out in the front of the house alot. Mainly because we have no area in our backyard (YET). The front is nice and shaded in later part of the day. Soon we plan to make a screen porch on the backside of our house. WE should be working on that now but know how it is...busy! So we haven't gotten our plans drawn up for it yet. As soon as we do....we will be building it. Yippeee...we need some backyard entertainment area. I will keep you updated on the progress of the porch. Of course: before and after pixs for sure! Until than, here is our front and our only outdoor hangout area so far. I am hoping to landscape the porch with just as many fun flowers. I think it will work out next year we will have tons of FREE plants to separate from the front of the house. Ummm...perfect!!!!


Danielle said...

WOW....your house is GORGEOUS and look at all those beautiful flowers :)

You definately have a green thumb girl! YOU ROCK!!!

Carla said...

my goodness! what a lovely home and your flowers are beautiful!!!