Friday, May 4, 2007


NSD: National Scrapbook Day is tomorrow. My favorite time of the year. Great deals and all kinds of scrapbooking events going on throughout the country. Wonderful!

My plans are simple for NSD: It already started today. Ran and got my FREE gift from Archivers. Some Making Memories bare chipboard pieces.

QVC is having some Scrapbooking shows on too. It starts tonight. So I will be up all night scrapbooking and watching QVC. Heidi Swapp and Lisa Bearnson will be a few of the names that will be at QVC.

Scrapbook. com is having tons of prize giveaways all day tomorrow online. Creating Keepsakes will be having events online too and Elsie Flannigan will be on to chat on their message boards too. Also, Ali Edwards is having a online crop thru Creating Keepsakes too.

Tons and tons of stuff going on tomorrow. I will be busy. I am also finishing up a project I was working on. I will be posting it soon to my blog. Always love it when there is scrapping to do.

Below are just some pixs I threw in for NSD. Recent buys I had purchased for fun.

THE NEW CRATE PAPER: Zoom Collection. Had to get this ...such a cute pattern for a BOY pages. I also Got the Baby Crate Paper too. I have some old baby pixs I need to scrap still. I am really addicted to this crate paper lately. Love it!

It wouldn't be NSD without sharing pix of my yummy Felt Ribbon from Queen and Company. Just LOVE Their new stuff. Archivers had the felt ribbon so I bought every color (I think)! This pix is worthy of a banner spot??? UMMM...might see it soon at the top of my page~hee!

Yes, I am trying to collect all the Q & Co. new line. This is what I got so far. I am "HOPING" to win the Mother's Day wishlist from SB.COM and than I could buy the rest of my Q & Co. embellies for FREE(well, at least $200 worth). Keeping my fingers crossed for that contest.

Here's 3 of the Bag of Buttons I bought from Autumn Leaves. Love the colors in this bag. Cherry Red, Lime Green, Pink, White Etc...... Very cute colors for Christmas pages. I have a good story behind these buttons. Everyone could use a story for NSD right? Well, here's mine on the bag o buttons.

I had one bag but this is a "mini" bag o buttons. I remember seeing them at my local Archivers store. So when my hubby was out doing some "errands". I asked him to just stop in at Archivers for me and pick up 2 more bags. Thought it would be easy. I even showed him the bag and wrote it all down for him. Well, turns out it wasn't so easy. He called me in a panic at the store. He said, it was "CRAZY" chick frenzy at the store. The store has classes and they must of been having a crop or class. Anyway, the bag of buttons were no where to be found. Plus, he had our young son with him and it was just crazy in the store. you know how much guys HATE stores right?~ha! Anyway, when he called he told me the only buttons he could find were assortment of Christmas buttons. I told him as long as he picked up LIME green and Cherry Red buttons it would work for a substitute. Knowing that my Hubby is totally colorblind: I told him to confirm the colors with the lady at the checkout. He was too embarrassed to do so...but reassured me the colors were green and red. Great right?

So he gets home with the bag o buttons. The buttons were Blue turquoise color and burgundy red. LOL!

Ok, so I had to run to the store after all. Thought I could just keep working on my project and get my hubby to get my stuff. Never send a guy to do woman's work right?~ha! No really it was totally great of him to do that for me. Even if he picked up the wrong buttons. He is super nice that way. Always getting chick stuff for me on his way home from work. The ladies at Archivers know my hubby by name now. LOL! I figure I save money sending him for basic items. If I go I end up buying way more than I need. That's my way to save money and stay on budget. LOL!

Ok, so the story isn't done yet. I ended up going to Archivers after all that and it took me all but about few minutes to find the 2 bag of buttons I was looking for. My hubby swears they weren't in the basket I found them in when he was at the store. I think the lady that was helping him to find the buttons....must of found them after he left and put them in the button bin. Poor guy......
Hope everyone has a super Fun Creative National Scrapbook DAY!

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Danielle said...

Glad you had a great NSD!!!! You started off great with that yummy breakfast :D

OMG you lucky girl to have gotten all of those YUMMY felt ribbons and ehehehehehhe about the Buttons story ~ too cute :D