Saturday, May 5, 2007

Brunch on NSD

Having fun today on NSD! I did all that I set out to do for NSD today. Only thing I didn't do was scrapbook. ~Ha! I actually even won a prize during one of the challenges at Have no ideal what the prize is but won't that be fun to get in the mail? I will share pixs when I get my nifty prize package.

I thought I would share my pixs of the fun brunch we had for NSD. Nothing fancy ......just made this for my Dh and myself for fun. YUMMY! Love Croissant sandwiches. Love the fruit too...especially the strawberries.
Just a close-up view of the tasty brunch. I make the eggs with two types of cheese: Cheddar and Pepper jack. We added bacon in for my he has to have a meaty size meal.~hee!

Hope everyone had a great NSD and I am off for bed. I haven't got much but two hours to sleep. It's time to get some shuteye.

I wish I could have did more challenges the Ali E. one at CK online. I checked in all the time but never did any of the challenges. I had fun viewing everyone else's challenge. Someday I am going to make time for these challenges. They seem really fun to do.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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Carla said...

yummy. that looks delicious! glad you were able to participate in NHD. i havent had much time today :) have a great weekend!