Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Wow....talk about inspiring! Love, LOVE this magazine. So much inspiration in just one magazine-can't hardly put it down.

I am going to share just a few things that just were so much fun from the magazine.

Some of my favorite articles, and visual effects(graphic Art). The mag even had gift ideas. Love that! I love how they have a section on creative how to's. I made my Valentine Paper hearts ...I scrap lifted from Scrapbooks Etc...February issue. So many great ideas.

I love everything about this mag. Even the cover is so "visually" appealing. Down to the color they choose to the Layout they pick for the cover.

Well done Scrapbook Etc....and I will never let my subscription run out.

Let's see....where do I start? I know....my favorite article was this Vintage Vibe one. Love the title and the swirls are so FUN! Right away that captures the eye. I just love anything about scrap rooms. This was so much fun. I love how they capture the whole room and not just little pixs here and there of hardly anything. No teasers here.....full pixs of the scrap room and How she uses it....down to the way she organized and bought her items for her room. Love it! This is the best article! Plus, the vintage room is to die 4 isn't it??? It truly gave you a vintage vibe reading about the scrap room and all the fun items in the room. The color of the scrap room is packed with punch of color everywhere.

Page two on the scrap room........................lucky gal......fun room!

I love those wood cubes .....and that marble table........Sweet!

Yet another page on all the fun items in this scrap room. This was truly the best article in awhile. I wish more scrapbook mags would dedicate more time to scrap rooms and ideas and organizing for scrap spaces. Who couldn't use ideas for organizing it all? right? Plus, it's super fun to peek at all the type scrap spaces out there. I search online for scrap rooms sometime and found a lady that has a scrap "shed" of all things. Someone really needs to do a article on her "shed". It was spectacular and not a shed at all but a out building that was her scrap room.
Below are some pages that I liked from the magazine .......just love the graphics on this:

The pages below go with the stamping Article: I love the how to's in this mag...and here is a example of one with Stamping.

Masking technique how to:
Resist Stamping technique:

Here is the mother's day gift idea:

Baby Gift idea:

Some other gift ideas to personalize a gift to someone:

Those are just some of the inspiration I found in the magazine this month. Here is a little extra fun they had in the pages. See if you can match the stamping techniques....I did this it was fun but kinda easy....see how you do:

Thought I would share all this inspiring creative fun art with all of you....have a great day and if you don't subscribe to Scrapbooks etc......I hope this inspired you to do so.


MNScrapbookmom said...

Great entry... love the pages that you scanned. I too love seeing other people's Scrap rooms. I have never bought that magazine, but I am going to look for it at JoAnns tonight and use my coupon. :) ¥

Danielle said...

I love this magazine!!! I can't wait to get this issue :D