Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring time in Minnesota

Awww....isn't this just SPRINGLIKE weather we are having? Such pretty flowers, and green everywhere right? NOOOOOO.........this is Spring in MINNESOTA. Yep! No fun at all I tell you. Well, that's not true. We did manage to get the sled out one more time(I hope) for Aaron.

Here is us enjoying our Spring day(LOL). Below are pixs of the Spring fever pixs:

Some more pixs of us enjoying the Spring like weather: Doug and Aaron on the sled
Cute pixs of Aaron and Muffin playing in the snow:

A rare pix of me not behind the camera: Pauline and Aaron with the sled:

I was excited....I got to wear my Gretal hat one more time(I hope) this season. Lovely Spring time attire right?~hee!

Some more pixs of the fun Spring we are having here. Can see Muffin in the background having fun in the snow. This snow should melt down pretty fast. However, it was pretty nasty out/with blowing snow and Crazy cold weather.
This is a good example of WHY I hate Spring in Minnesota. It isn't full of pretty budding trees and flowers blooming. It's usually filled with unpredictable weather, unstable weather patterns, and no blooms here....just brown ugly dead foliage, and maybe if were lucky a tease of Summer. As a few weeks ago for one or two days it was in the 80's. Not kidding either!!! We basically don't have a spring. It goes from Winter to Summer here. Very short spring. Every so often we may get a long spring. Winter was late here arriving and now it looks like it may stay here a bit longer than wanted. Oh well.......we were dreaming of getting our yard in order and building our deck this year when the weather was WARM. Soon right??? Here is hoping!!! Until than, we will enjoy the snow squall and eat some comfort food(Pork Chop in Mushroom Gravy with Mash Potatoes). Sounds good huh? Firing up the fireplace and sit back enjoy the view outside.

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Danielle said...'ve still got snow too uh?

Ours had melted, then it snowed again, then melted, and then another huge storm the other day. Now we have snow AGAIN ehehheeheh

Weird Spring uh?!

LOVE your pictures!!!!!