Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter Bunny Visit

I know it's going to seem weird but our family has taken on this "Easter" tradition of taking a photo with this cute crochet bunny. It started out as a gag .....has now turned into a yearly tradition.

Doug's Grandmother made this bunny and when Aaron was born. My MIL gave the bunny to Aaron on his first Easter.

Here are some Easter's Past of Aaron and Muffin with the bunny.

2004 Easter Bunny Visit: Aaron 1st Easter

2005 Easter Bunny Visit:

2006 Easter Bunny Visit:

This Year I almost forgot to take photos with the Crochet Bunny. At Aaron's bed when we remembered and took a few photos. Here are the 2007 Bunny photos I made into a slide show:

That's the end .....and hope you enjoyed the BUNNY pixs!~ha!

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Danielle said...

I think the Bunny pic is a great tradition!!!!