Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone! I meant to post this on Good Friday but ran out of time. So I am posting now. Which is good because I can preview my Holiday table setting on this post. I stayed up late to decorate my table for Easter Sunday. Yes, I am early....I usually decorate my table the night before. However, I got the itch to get it together tonight instead. I am glad I did...because now I can just clean the house tomorrow.

I am writing this blog as I do laundry catch up. Than I will hit the hay. I have to get up and clean and get some dinner items ready for Sunday.

We are having family over for Easter Dinner. I can't wait should be fun. I had alot of fun setting out my "Easter Party Favors".

I also did Aaron's Easter baskets tonight. I put together his Easter Eggs (for his Egg hunt). So all that is left to do with those is to hide them tomorrow night.

The above photo is my Easter Greeting shelf. The below pix is my Favorite Easter towels. I love the pastel checker pattern on these.

Below is just my Spring wreath with a bunny on it.

Above photo is my basket of bunnies..........

Another ceramic Easter Basket with Candle eggs.
I have both these bunny decor in my Easter Holiday Area in my kitchen. I load this bunny candy dish with colorful candles this year.
Other years it's usually filled with candy. Next to it in the pix is my ceramic bunny candle.

Here is the preview to my Easter table setting. I always try to jazz the table up with loads of pastel color. This year, I have my Sister-in-law to thank for the fun color on the table. Donna(SIL) bought me some pastel place mats for my table. She also bought me several of the Easter candles on the table. In other years she bought me the bunny napkin ring holders. She really is super generous and Always looking for fun things to add for our dinner fun. Thanks Donna and BOB(BIL: brother in law).

I usually have my Easter Egg holders on the table. I don't put eggs in them but always try to find colorful Egg shaped candles for them.
I just love the place mats Donna got me for the table. I still used a tablecloth underneath for my table(as I have a ugly pad on the surface of the table so it won't scratch when we use it.) So I didn't want that showing. I need to buy those nice safe table pads for my table still. I haven't gotten around to ordering them for my table yet. It gets confusing on which ones to order??? Anything has to be better than what I am using now. A awful puffy vinyl pad that doesn't even fit the table. Luckily you can't see it here. *SIGH* someday I will get the nice pads for my table. I entertain alot in my dining room. So I can't believe I waited so long to get the pads. Luckily my table is holding in there and not getting scratched yet.
I always here people say they hate or don't use their dining rooms. I am not one of those people. I love having a special room to eat in for holidays and special occasions. I grew up having a dining table so maybe that's part of it? It's fun to have special dishes only to use for those special occasions too. Very fun....I totally enjoy doing the entertaining. The one thing in life I am good at is "organizing". That is one skill I do have. I am not trying to toot my own horn but I don't have much else I have to brag when I do have ONE. ~ha!
Below is just another look at the Easter Table. Festive hey?

Yet another view....................I sit at this end of the table below. My spot: so I can get up and run to the kitchen freely. Otherwise, our dining area is small and the dining hutch is close and hard to get around. So I sit in the spot easiest to get to the kitchen and get more food etc..... etc....
Speaking of Food: we are having Ham for our Easter dinner. Along with Cheesy potatoes and some Mashed potatoes and gravy. Corn and Green bean casserole and rolls. Pies for dessert. I don't usually do 2 potatoes but thought it would have more variety with gravy to have mashed for a side. Not everyone is crazy about cheesy potatoes. I know JUDY (MY MIL) is CRAZY about of the reason we are having them.

My spot at the dining room table.
This is so cool...............the above photo is another bunny dish. This one I got new from my Sis-in-law this year. Another present Donna picked up for me. She is so cool! Thanks again Donna....this rocks! I added the egg candles you sent along too. How fun is that?

Close-up view of the cute bunny dish. As if that wasn't enough.....Donna also bought me the egg bunny candles below.
I used them on my table in a candle holder I have for the center of the table. So much fun..........and fun colors.
Donna also bought me some Shaped bunny candles. I have a pix of them below too. I put them on the table on a clear plate with a egg candle I had bought. You can see all the candles in the photos of the dining room table.

Shaped candles from Donna my Sis-in-law

Below photos are the cute party bags I picked up in the dollar bins at Target. LOVE THE DOLLAR BIN AREA. I bought extra Easter candy and filled the party favor bags up and placed the bags on the center of the place settings.
This one is the bunny bag. How cute is that? Very lucky I found these bags.

Here is the Easter chick bag. So cute too. Target also had bags with Flowers and Butterflies. I picked those up but think I will save them for another summer/spring party sometime.
Well, I should get going so I am not completely sleepy tomorrow.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter. I will get more pixs of all the Easter fun and share them soon.
Happy Easter & Jesus has RISEN! AMEN! Have fun at Easter Sunday Service!!!!


MNScrapbookmom said...

Found your blog through Ali Edwards' blog. I saw your comment regarding MN color and weather. I too am tired of the dull colors and chilly weather. (I would give anything to have colorful flowers in my yard right now.. :) )I really love your blog and will continue to check back. Have a wonderful week. ¥

Anonymous said...

Pauline! Wow..what a beautiful Easter table! You have mine beat hands down. Check out I have a page - not done yet on it. It takes up so much time! Hope to find some old friends or classmates! Aaron is cute. I need to get to bed - hopefully I can write later...