Sunday, April 1, 2007

Game Night

Recently Doug got some FREE tickets from his buddy to a Timberwolves game. He took Aaron and Dave to the game (Father, Son, Grandson outing).

Here is one of the tickets to the left. They went on Friday night game. Doug said it was kinda a boring game and they left at half time.

They had a great time at the game BUT when K. Garnett entered: the auditorium went nuts. They had all kinds of bells and whistles for him and let off a big cannon boom noises.

That was it for Aaron. He was scared to death after that happened. So Doug said the rest of the game wasn't so much fun. Aaron had sour puss lips after that.

He did enjoy the game up until that point. No worries tho, the game was FREE so not so bad just to go for a little bit.

Below is the FREE jersey's they were giving out at the game. Doug picked up two sizes: one for him and one for Aaron.

I guess it's their 1st logo(classic). Pretty cool but the jersey for Aaron is pretty big on him. The pixs below he is wearing it.

The Wolves is on the front of the jersey and the classic logo is on the backside: just like in the photo above.

This is just me having fun with the photo I took. LOL! Did some doodling on it and some Arrows.

Did this mess with my photo program and got carried away a bit.

I do love the jersey's wish Doug would have picked up one for me.

I am not into sports that much but kinda like the look of the jersey.

Below are just some pixs Doug took with his camera phone. This shot got blurry. According to Ali Edwards(a scrapbooking DIVA) you can embrace blurry photos too. So here is me embracing blurry photos:

This is cute: Aaron waving HELLO!

OH MY GOSH: this is why I don't go to games(well, that and I hate sports~hee)Look at that view??? UGH! I am deathly afraid of heights and this is just gut busting to me to even look at. They were brave in those seats. Doug said Aaron wasn't scared of the seats but just the big boom when K. Garnett entered the room.
Crazy up there seats! Well, luckily I didn't go to the game. Looks like Dave and Aaron are enjoying the view.
It was a guy outing for the game. They had fun and so happy they can spend time together like that. Aaron just loves his grandpa. Loves spending time going to "guy" events with Grandpa and his daddy. Dave always took Doug to all that kinda stuff when he was young too. So it's getting passed down. So cute!

Just another view of the seats and the basketball court.

Same: another view of the court.....

Aaron enjoying the game and enjoying sharing his Frito's with Grandpa. He's not sticking his tongue out at anyone just licking his lips of the Frito's salt. LOL!

Aaron waving bye bye. Doug's still working on taking better pixs with his phone. Not too bad but could use better focus. He said it was kinda dark in the auditorium and hard to take photos with his camera.

They dim the lights when the games going to start up.

All and all it was a fun night for the guys. Aaron's 1st basketball game. He's been to baseball already. Just never Basketball yet. So it was an adventure.

Hope you enjoy the pixs and have a great Sunday evening.

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