Thursday, March 29, 2007

Every Day Recipes with Paul-ene

Been watching too much Rachel Ray programs (and Giada) lately.

Thought I would share some quick recipes with everyone. Tried to take some good photos of our dinner but most times....forgot to take the pix until after we dug in to our meal. Some I took with low flash....and than had to edit on photo program. You get the drift tho. I have the recipes included...but nothing we make (YET) is too low in calorie or good for you. LOL! Make these if you wanna "pig out". ~hee~

This one is super bad for you. That's what makes it really tasty! It's Dijon mustard with Ranch dressing. The chicken is fried up in butter. (Naughty) it makes it super good!

I make it with Asparagus tips. It's pretty hardy meal so you don't need much more than a veggie to go with it.

The recipe on the right is from my cookbook(Favorite Brand Names Cookbook).

The next photo of the meal is the one I made with the recipe.

The only thing I do different from the I tend to like the sauce without all the scrapings. So I cook the sauce in it's own sauce pan and only on very low heat.

Close up pix of the Angel Hair Pasta meal. Next I cooked up some Chicken Teriyaki. The recipe calls for Pea pods and my family not so into pea pods. So I substitute Green Peppers. I use rice pilaf instead of white rice. It just adds a little more flavor to the mix.

The photo below is the photo with the cookbook

Here's my take and my photo on the recipe.

I don't really have a recipe for The Cashew Chicken. My sister gave me this recipe. I had to fix it up a bit the sauce didn't seem to be enough with all I make with it. So I Triple the sauce. My DH likes things saucy~hee~

I make this with already frozen cut up chicken pieces. Just defrost and cook. Easy! You can add as many peppers as you see fit. I also add as many cashews as I feel the need for. Make sure they are "Salt less" cashews otherwise, the recipe gets too salty. Very important tip! The soy sauce makes it salty already and the extra salted nuts would really salt it up.

The sauce is easy ......I just throw the ingredients in a tall container and than put a lid over and shake it up ...and keep it near.

You fry up the chicken put to the side and than fry up Onion and Peppers(I add onions). After they are sauteed than throw chicken back in and put sauce in. Until thicken and add your cashews at the end. Have your rice ready to go. Easy meal!

This recipe is fettuccine but you can use just about any pasta you like.

In the recipe I cooked below(from Land O lakes Country Heritage Cook Book) I used bow tie pasta and called it Garlic Chicken. I made it too saucy this time but like I DH is a saucy kinda guy!~hee~

My pix didn't turn out too really taste better than it looks I swear! Hee hee!

This one is nasty for you too. Chicken is fried up in butter and I throw in bits of garlic chopped up. Love fried up garlic on chicken. So yummy in flavor! This one is super messy meal and we don't cook it too often. Greasy mess and alot of pots to clean afterwards. It's tasty tho.

I do cook the sauce in the scrapings on this recipe. That's why the Alfredo gets kinda gravy looking. You could do the sauce in separate pan if you didn't want the extra fat. This is what makes it really tasty tho. I usually put baby spinach in this recipe. Ever since the out break on spinach happened I haven't had the "guts" to use it yet again. Bummer....the spinach really adds to it.

I cook up the veggies in separate pan while cooking the chicken. It just goes alot faster that way.

Again, not figure friendly meal as it has a cup of whipping cream in it and I think I made it with two cups. It's ok tho since it's a one meal supper. Just eat a little bit and it's good for left overs too.

Goes well with wine or if your us ......just the fake stuff will do ok too. Sprinkle fresh Parmesan and peppercorns and it's good to go. Garlic bread is optional~hee~

I just realized all my dishes are chicken dishes.....too funny! I guess we make alot of chicken suppers. Well, chicken, pasta and rice are staples....what Can I say! It's better than take out.....and it's a family supper time meal.

I didn't have much to blog about so thought I would share recipes~Ha!


Anonymous said...

Yummy for my tummy. Keep cooking that good diet food hunny. Your DH

Anonymous said...

What does DH mean? Damn Husband is all I can come up with!

Paul-ene said...

FYI: DH is just easy abbreviation for Dear Husband. Pretty close tho right? LOL

Colleen said...

I am definitely trying some of those... YUM!!!