Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Laundry Day ...try to make it fun

Just some pixs we took today. Can you guess it's laundry day today? Ha! I have to laugh at my little guy here. He's so funny! One day I was doing laundry and he takes out this Tide Brush. Than he proceeds to use it on his face. At first I had no idea why he was doing this? Than he kept telling me .....and I wasn't getting it. My Dh figured it out for me. Turns out my little guy was "copying" his grandpa and said he was "Shaving". Got to love children and their imaginations. He's so cute! I had to get a pix for Grandma and Grandpa to view. So the pixs below are Aaron using his "shaver".

Here some of Muffin getting in on the act too. She Started to beat it up.~hee! First she growled at it and than she beat it up. It was hard to capture on camera. Perhaps next time it will have to be video. The one where she is beating it up would be the pix that I cut her head off on.....LOL! Why is it that dogs have to sniff EVERYTHING? well, got a pix of that too.

Enjoying the normal boring around here. So love laundry day(in sarcastic tone).


Danielle said...

Hhahahaahah this is just so cute!!!!!! Love the little *shaver* hahahaha :D

Elsie Flannigan said...

looks so fun!!!!!