Thursday, March 1, 2007

Aaron's big boy room(Olive Kids Decor)

Finally finished Aaron's room. I said I would take a before and after photos. However, I forgot to take a pix of the room before we tore into it. So all that is left is the crib. You can see how the walls were with the bunny border. DUH....I know! I am too lazy to go thru all my pixs looking for a photo. This one should do of the crib(below).

I like the after better. Have alot more color on the wall. I really didn't like the green checkered wallpaper on the bottom of the wall. I like this green color much better. I was happy to get rid of the wallpaper. I liked the bunny border but just didn't look that great in pixs. This Olive Kids border is so much better. Bigger to see and more vibrant. Plus, Aaron loves it. Here is a pix of Doug working on putting the chair rails back in over the border. He had his air compressor outside in the snow storm....and thru the window. Easiest way to reach Aaron's room from the garage. Have I said that I love this wall color? When picking out paint we made the mistake of going with the paint chip off Olive Kids website. UGH! IT was a grass green color and didn't seem to match the border at all. I knew when we bought it ....that it just wasn't my color I had in my mind. So before we left the store I picked out a second color That I liked was still from Behr Premium paints but it was in the Disney Section and it was called: English Meadow. MUCH, MUCH, Much better color. I like soft colors and not very bright vivid primary colors. I am sure that grass green would have looked ok.....but I couldn't handle such dark green. This color was more like it. So, if your buying OK ...check into the Disney colors from Behr paints. They seem to have more fun kid colors and they had coordinating colors ontop the paint chip. That line was much better. I used eggshell finish. The top half of the wall we kept as is. It was my sister's Char paint job. She painted a faux finish in blue to look like a sky. So we kept that theme going. Thought it look cool with the planes and all. I love using green and blue together. Those 2 colors coordinate nicely.

Just another view of the room. I kept the Lamp shade I had and the drape. I liked the toile pattern too much to get rid of it. At least it's the blue and it matches.

We have a funny story with the bed. We bought 2 mattresses for it. Put the bed together and found out that we only needed one mattress. DUH! Were so dorky, we didn't realize that a trundle bed would be higher than a normal bed. So the bed sits higher and so does the mattress. We put the 2 mattresses on the bed and laughed our heads off. You should have seen how high the bed was. Almost higher than the headboard. I told my hubby, something is terribly wrong here. No kidding huh? What a bummer! Well, we fixed that problem easy enough and used one mattress. However, we ran into some other "issues" because of the bed frame. I will explain them down the line here in pixs.

Oh, here is a cute pix of Muffin. Shih Tzu's love Olive Kids too! Here is a good pix of how high the bed frame is. Usually mattress sits low to the ground. They make trundle beds this way to make room for the extra mattress & Drawer underneath. I didn't get the trundle bed with this bed......but I suppose it still made for the trundle underneath. DUH! This pix shows a good pix of the cute Olive Kids sheets. The comforter is super cute too. Very nice and warm but surprisingly a nice thin comforter. Not bulky at all. Love it!

Here is Aaron kicking his heels. He's trying out his new big boy bed. I suppose after the poor kid was in his crib a year too long.....perhaps that is the reason he's so giddy over his new room. This pix also shows the other problem we had with this bed. The toddler railing: we had to custom make to work on this trundle bed. Usually these guards go between the two mattresses. Well, we only had one. So My Dh is pretty handy with the tools. He connected it to the bottom of the bed frame. So it slides under the bed frame when not in use. This ended up working much better than the original design. I didn't think I would like moving it in-between the mattresses every day. Seems like that would make the mattress lumpy and bumpy with that rail system in the bed? Ummm? The other problem we had was minor but still bummed about it. We couldn't use the bedskirt with it. The Olive kids bedskirt was so cute too. My Dh is still trying to come up with a way for us to make the bedskirt work. Any suggestions? We need the bedskirt.....Aaron room first thing you see coming up our steps and you can see right under the bed. Since the bed is higher. Makes for great storage underneath....and I want to use it for that purpose the bedskirts a must to hide the mess under there.

Below is just some more pixs of Aaron enjoying his new big boy bed. I really like his bed. Even tho we had problems with it/the bed itself is super nice and works well with the Olive Kids bedding. IT ended up looking very black against the room colors. Which is great, because the Olive Kids bedding has alot of the color black in their planes, Trains and Trucks bedding.

This is cute: a pix of Aaron sleeping in his new bed. He was so excited when he got back from Grandma's house and saw his room transformed into a haven of planes, trains and trucks. He just loved his new room. We had a hard time getting him to do anything that night. He wanted to hang out all night in his room. He still enjoying it now. I thank Grandma and Grandpa for getting him use to a big boy bed for us. He's been sleeping in a big bed at their place every weekend. It made for a super easy transition for us. Thanks Judy and Dave! You Rock!

I got this thin blanket at Target. Matched really nice with the OK bedding. It's warm but very thin and fuzzy. We peel the comforter back. I like the blue checks on this OK bedding too. Makes it so you can flip it over if you want. Double sided! Almost as fun as scrapbook paper~hee!

I kept Aaron's original bed table. Thank goodness I did. There is hardly enough room the way it is. This table fits perfect where it's at. I jazzed up his original white furnishings in his room with some special knobs. I put the fun plaid painted knobs on this white table.

The other photo is Aaron climbing on his bed. Another vantage point in the room. Tiny room, but made it as functional as we could. We didn't want to move him out of that room. As this room surprisingly has a big closet and we designed it special with crates and such. So we wanted to keep him in the small room. Maybe someday he can have the basement all to himself???? Notice in the pix I put the other Olive Kids Throw pillow on the toy chest. The toy chest doubles as a seating bench too. Love that toy chest! Aaron loves the throw pillows. Those Olive Kids throw pillows are the best. So super cute! They really add to the room.

Speaking of, here is a closer look at the train throw pillow. How cute is that??? The pillow sham was a hoot too! So much fun! I just really love the colors in this bedding. I usually don't like bright strong color....but these are just the right shades.

I was really surprised the value you get out of this bedding. I bought the Olive Kids online(right from Olive Kids) but Target and Kohl's both sell their planes, trains, and trucks.

I almost put a hole in the pocket book by thinking of buying pottery barn kids bedding but found the Olive Kids site. Saved myself some money and got a great bed set for my son. I was able to buy all the accessories and than some.....and still ended up less than what PB would have been Just for their sheets and comforter. Yikes!

Just another closer view of the toy chest and my cute little munchkin! Isn't that plane pillow just the best? Super cute I tell you. It's very velvety soft. LOVE IT!

Last but not least.....we have a pix of the plane drawer pull on the dresser. I have several knobs left to use but haven't gotten that all done yet in his room. I found these very cute, inexpensive felt bags at Target. They go so well with his theme of his room. They had them in the dollar bins. I am going to pick several more of them up next trip to Target. As Aaron is really lovin them. He's moving them around his room. I figure for a buck I can get more and he can fill them up with things.

We were happy with his room and I think Aaron was the happiest of all. Which is what we were aiming for the whole time. A special thanks to Olive Kids. Thanks for making wonderful product for the customers and making it AFFORDABLE! LOVE IT! Even if you didn't have their bedding the accessories alone are super cute. I bet they match alot of kids rooms. They have several different themes for kids. I like it! I found out they have a blog here check them out if you got time or are looking for kids stuff: or check them out at their store:


Carla said...

Absolutely adorable. i dream of having my boy's rooms looking that "together"! Its like looking at a catalog. Great job!

Paul-ene said...

Hi Carla

If you read this...thanks for the compliment on the OK stuff. Hey, Did you see Ali Edwards blog? The one where Simon jumping on the bed. I love that Danny O print hanging on her son's wall. I bet that Danny o Line would match some of this OK collection. Ummm....can mix and match pretty easy with this line.

Danielle said...

OMG this is just soooooooooooooooooo ADORABLE!!!! I love everything about this :D

Olive Kids said...


I am writing to your from Olive Kids to tell you how much we appreciate all the wonderful things you said about our products and we LOVE the pictures. We have parent like you in mind when we create our high quality affordable bedding and accessories. We would love to feature your son's room our our web site, can you email me at if you are interested. Here is the link to where it would be showcased. Thanks again!

Meegan said...

I love what you have done with your sons room! I am currently working on my twin boys room and have come across some of the same issues that you have. I purchased bunk beds, and set them up one by one on the floor (to make two twins beds). Mattresses are now made alot deeper so I did not need to purchase the box springs or I would have had the same problem as you. Instead I purchased two bunky boards(one for each bed). They act as a mini box spring. They are a wooden board about 1 1/2 - 2 inches thick, with a small amount of foam batting. This sits underneath the mattress to provide additional support and to also protect your underside of the mattress. They only cost about $30each and can be found at almost any furniture store. With the bunky board in place under the mattress you can then use your bed skirt and your guard rail! I also found that because I had a storage issue (imagine that with twins) I could keep the crib mattress from their prior beds, cover it with the trains, planes & truck fitted sheet (toddler size) and slide it under their twin bed, that way when they had friends stay the night we just pulled it out from under their bed to act as a trundle without the additional expense. Just thought I would share. Once again - Love what you have done to Aaron's room!

Anonymous said...

So cute…. what a lovely post on Boys Bedding!! I too have recently shopped at Spacify for them