Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Trip to Grand Forks, ND

This past weekend we were up in the coldest tundra of North Dakota.....Grand Forks. We went to visit my sister Francine. She lives up that way and it's always so darn bone chilling cold in that town. I know, I used to live there for a brief time while going to the University of North Dakota. The worse campus for freezing your buns off. No tunnels, just freezing wind whipping thru the campus as you walk to every class in the cold. Hey, who cares about the cold tho when you have the HOCKEY!

Speaking of hockey.........we were lucky enough to get tickets to the game on Friday night. It was a whirl wind I tell you. We got into town (4 or more hour drive) and stopped at the ticket office at 5:00 PM. At first they said they didn't have any tickets left.....but my hubby charmed the ticket lady ......and she went in the back and magically appeared with 3 tickets.~hee! I think my hubby must of gave her a sob story of driving from the cities just for the game or something. Anyway, we went to pick up my sister. Changed clothes and went to the game. Talk about crazy timing! I wasn't thrilled to go to the game after driving and sitting in the car that long....but it was our only chance to go to a game. As the Saturday game was sold out completely. IT was their last home game of the season and the Sioux were playing UMD(Bulldogs). Pretty popular game. The pix above is Engelstad Arena(where the Sioux play) and you can see my hubby in the pix walking to the ticket office.

Here is another view of the Ralph. The parking is pitiful in this have to walk miles away in the bone chilling we are pretty smart. We take one of the buses to the stadium and they drop us off right at the door and pick you up after the game. No parking! We usually take the bus from Holiday Inn(My sister works there and it just really close to her place).

Another view of the's awesome site in Grand Forks, ND. I call it the Taj Mahal of Grand Forks. Pretty Awesome building for a college team. They have concerts and other events in the Ralph when they can. This is the Home of the Fighting Sioux!

This is cool pix: of all the years the Sioux won WCHA hockey. The years are on the banner.....they won quite a few times.

Here is the score before and after: it was a tie game(talk about BORING). They won the next night but it was even a more boring game. They only scored once on Sat. night and that was in the first period.

The Sioux getting ready to Play!

Here we are: in our awesome seats. I love being behind the plexa glass. I feel safe from flying pucks~hee! I had Doug take a pix from the entry way looking up at us in our seats(as we were sitting above the entry). Franny and I in our favorite Sioux Jerseys. Let's GO SIOUX!

Looky: Fighting Sioux on the Bulldogs side........get EM'...get Em'. SCORE!

Can't go to the game without having some Expensive overpriced Treats. Here some of the yummy junk food. I hate Coke but it's all they had(I am a Pepsi lover-Cherry for sure). The popcorn was awesome.

Of course, we took that long drive to Grand Forks and never stop to eat on the way up. So we were starving. Thus, having to spend even more money on expensive overpriced junk food. We were desperate tho and I spied me some Little Caesars.

Woof: looks like I was in the car for hours(LOL) but here is a pix of us. I think the game was a bit boring at times. Luckily, I had fun "playing" with my hubby's new work phone. I am in LOVE with this phone. I was surfing the blogs while watching the game. Love it! A phone that gets Internet to love that!!!

Closeup of the phone. Can you guess which blog this is on the screen?

Here is our section we sat in at the game.

This is a pix of eating out with my sis before we left town. We went to a place called: Grizzly's in Grand Forks. Love that place! Great food and at a good price.

Here we are the 3 amigos, the waitress was nice enough to get our pix.

A pix of Franny and I at Grizzly's. We had to leave earlier than expected for home. Our son had problems and we needed to get back. He's fine! Just needed to get back and help out the grandparents with him.

Here is the reason we went to Grand Forks in the first place. To visit my sister and help her buy a new TV. Awesome TV! We ran to several stores but Walmart had this 32 inch flat panel for the best price. It was an off brand but Doug looked up the resolution and all that stuff/and figured this was the best purchase for Franny. She was completely "giddy" with her new TV. She will have alot of fun watching Vikings, Matlock and Walker Episodes on this baby!

It was a fun time in G.F. and we had a great visit with my sister. IT went by so fast we didn't have time to visit my mom an hour away. We will probably visit her this Spring when the weather warms up. All and all our trip was fast and fun.

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Carla said...

How fun! I feel like I was at the game just reading your blog. And yes I can see you are reading Ali's blog on the phone. Isnt that the coolest! I just got a BlackJack and it is so cool to surf the internet from anywhere.
Take care!