Saturday, February 24, 2007

Winter...better late than NEVER!

Just a quick post to show that WINTER finally arrived.

Side Yard: Extra Garage

Front Yard

Outside Flag: wind is blowing like crazy!!!

It's hard to tell by these pixs but it is pretty bad out/and will only get worse tonight. I like snow days. Stay in and sit by fire. Love it!!! I would be scrappin but we are working on my son's room. Remodeling and putting up new border and new bed. Were almost done. I will post pixs in the near future of his room. Until than, enjoy the blizzard if you live in MN.

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wonderdahl said...

How patriotic! Love the pictures. Must be a mix of a good camera, and great photographer. Speaking as a designer, I can tell when someone has an eye for capturing a moment, and you do an awesome job!