Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Today! I have some pixs of my Holiday Areas. Most are just closeups of what I already have on my Banner above.

Hope everyone has a fun Valentine's Day.

This is just a pix of my Little display shelf in my Hallway as you walk in.

I always try to put a fun holiday greeting. I don't have much Valentine's all I put was one of the stuff animals Doug has given me over the years for vday.

I added the heart garland this year.

The little beanie heart I added to the mix too.

Some more stuffed animals I put into a basket. I found the cute hearts buckets in the Target $dollar bins.

Here is a old pix of our family from previous Valentine''s Day.

I found this super cute frame from Terry's Store. Love that place and no, I wish I would have altered this frame myself. I took easy way out and just purchased it. Why not, it's super cute!

Another view of the paper hearts project I made for this years Valentine's day.
Hope everyone gets some *hugs* and *kisses* for their special someone on Valentine's day.
Have a great day....and great weekend.
Probably my last post for the week and weekend. Have plans for the weekend and rest of the week.
Won't have time to post. Until I am back ......have a good one!


Danielle said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Love your little decorations :D

Carla said...

That is adorable. I am so impressed! I need to get more in to the spirit of holidays. I'll add that to my list of things to work on this year.