Sunday, January 28, 2007

UND Fighting Sioux ROCK!

My sister sent me this utube of the Fighting Sioux of North Dakota beating the pants off the golden Gophers of Minnesota this weekend. Hee! One would think since I am a Minnesotan that I would like the gophers ........heck no! I went to UND and hockey is what it is ALL about up that way. Awesome....the Sioux are my FAVS!!! My husband, Doug doesn't see it that way tho/he is a avid Gophers fan. We are rivals! Our house gets pretty exciting when those two teams play each other. We will be going to a game soon. At their new fancy pants arena in Grand Forks. I love that arena they built. Leather seats, marble floors, light shows to die for, crazy, crazy's a site! Here is a link to the Ralph Englestad Arena site if you want to check out the impressive brick building: I think we are planning to go to the game with UMD Duluth, MN bulldogs vs UND fighting Sioux.

We saw this goal when it happened and couldn't believe this goal got pass the goalie. of course after that happened they replaced that goalie with another. Unbelievable score!

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Danielle said...

You must be joking???? I had to watch the video 2 times before I saw where the puck was shot from!!!!! HOLY MOLY!!!! That's amazing...well, for the player, not the goalie hehehehehe :D