Friday, January 26, 2007

Scrapbooking with Lisa Bearnson Book # 3

Wooo hoo! That is what I said today when I got this in the mail today. I've been waiting since last spring for this book. I ordered it from QVC and was wait listed. I never bothered canceling or getting the book elsewhere. I figured I didn't have time to tackle the mini book it comes with so I was ok waiting. The weird thing is ........I got it TODAY! What's weird about that??? Well, it's Lisa Bearnson birthday TODAY. WOW! Special timing or just coincidence??? I am not making this up either/it came by ups today. I found it quite funny! It was more like my birthday opening this package up. So much fun items inside. I just love Lisa's kits. They are so so fun and are good quality. I can't wait to look thru the idea book too. So much fun inside one box! LOVE IT!!!!

Here is a closer up view below. Above pix you can see the Foam stamps better and the idea book/and the chipboard letters. I just ordered Lisa's mega chipboard kit/now i have even MORE bare chipboard that comes with this kit. What fun! This kit just has so much to it. The book alone is worth the money but than you get a small scrapbook/and kit. Plus, chipboard and foam stamps. These foam stamps look really nice too/they are clear. So you can see what your doing with the stamp. Great!!!

I went to Lisa's blog today and noticed she was having a contest. The first people to respond (first 43/because Lisa turned 43 today) to respond to her contest would win something special from her. Didn't say what? Just said she would be shipping it out to the first 43 that got her questions right. Here was the questions:

1. What year did the first issue of Creating Keepsakes get published?2. What was my former job before starting the magazine?3. How did we get our cat, Lucky?4. What young gal was I so excited to meet at a wedding last summer?5. What three publications do we publish at our office in Bluffdale, Utah?

So much fun/I think I was too late in posting my answers.......bummer! Always late-story of my life!~hee! I did it anyway just in case. She must of posted the blog in the morning and there was already alot of comments on her blog by the time I visited the blog. Word gets around when there is FREE something involved.~hee

Have a great weekend everyone -and I should get alot of scrapbooking done this weekend. My niece, Erin is coming over Saturday and scrappin with me. will be nice visiting with her and doing some scrapbooking. Erin is working on her wedding photos from last year. So much fun! Erin has so many wonderful pixs of her wedding. Can't wait!

All you lucky people at CHA this weekend in California/have a great time! How lucky, they get to see Martha Stewart as the keynote speaker this year. She is introducing a new line of products with Micheal's craft stores. You knew she had a motive-she such a money maker-that Martha! I still like her even tho she went to the "pokey". She can do anything and I admire her for doing her time.

PS- I wanted to thank Danielle for giving me tips on how to use Utube. I didn't post the utube on the last post because I am still a little clueless on how it works but I think it that video was disabled by the poster. Either way, I now know how to post my OWN video thanks to Danielle(from Canada) a shout out to Danielle and THANKS!

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Danielle said...

You're welcome about the Video :D hehehehe Yes, sometimes that happens and only the link comes up.

GREAT Book!!!!! I have Lisa's first 2 books and they were great! Sounds like this one is also excellent :D