Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Birthday to MUFFIN!


It's Muffin's birthday today! She was a winter puppy! She is 9 years old little fur baby is 9 years old!!! I love my doggie! She is the best! We picked her out of a litter of shih tzu pups. If we would have gotten to the breeder just a few moments before....we would have went home with a totally different dog. I am so happy we were late. I wanted a chocolate/darker colored shih tzu...and some lady got there before us and picked the only chocolate color one. IT was so docile and friendly. The breeder was trying to talk the lady out of picking that dog/as they had a child and she thought it would be too docile for kids. No go tho/the lady wanted that dog. So I thought I better choose a dog. There was only one other sorta chocolate color one/but she had alot of white fur(more white than I wanted). She was also the opposite of the docile dog-she was pushing around the other pups in the litter. Fighting for the puppy food, and really really spunky wild, and when I went to pick her up she hid behind the laundry basket that was near.~hee! In fact, she was the "bully" of the pack along with a male sibling of hers. I didn't want a male dog, that I knew. So she was the only other choice. Needless to say, we went home with her that night. To this day, she is the Ultimate cuss......and a DIVA....and a bully and we wouldn't have it any other way. I guess that breeder lady was right, the spunky ones are the fun ones. Hee! Muffin turned out more white in color than I wanted but hey, as you can see from these puppy photos. There coloring changes with age anyways. The above sign says it all: We spoil her rotten, and she DEMANDS it anyways!~hee! I love that sign, it was a gift from Doug's sister/brother-in-law when we bought Muffin.

Here some cherished puppy photos of Muffin. I have this frame hanging next to the shih tzu spoiled plak and muffin's shih tzu calendar in our home. You can tell these pixs were taken BEFORE digital camera. LOL! I also scanned the image in crooked, sorry!
I like these photos of Muffin as a puppy. I tried to get aot of side profiles and different angles with these puppy photos. My fav. is the one with her puppy paw up close to her face. Really can see her cute puppy pads on that one and cute mug face.
Muffin had the topknot in and a cute bow. I used to really "primp" and "groom" her to the max. After she grew out of her baby fur, I didn't do so much anymore with her topknots. As her fur got too thick and she look like "jabba the Hut" with too much fur. So we opted to groom her short and do away with topknots forever. Plus, that was BEFORE Aaron. As soon as he was born the grooming session really went out the door.~hee Poor Muffin! I am really impressed at how she has grown use to Aaron and now they are best buds. She is really good with him and misses him when he is gone. She is pretty protective of Aaron. Aaron and Muffin have this "relationship" with each other. It's really cute! Aaron is in charge of giving Muffin her treats. Now, Muffin is getting pay back for all those cussing moments with us. Now Aaron gives her the treats but makes her work really hard for them/as he runs away with her treats and taunts her with them. LOL!

Here are some more Puppy Photos I found of Muffin. All these are my favorite of Muffin as a puppy. The cute ones with the topknot, eating her puppy food, beating up all her toys-she was really super hyper and played, played than crashed really hard(sleep). The closeup of her face is funny too. When we bought her from the litter-they just let the puppies fur grow out. Shih tzus get this cute fan shape fur/on their face. Later it grows into a beard and mustache moo choo shape.

Happy 9th bday Muffin......YOUR THE BEST!!!


Danielle said...

OMG she's adorable!!!!

Carla said...

happy birthday to your sweet doggie. hope all is well!