Thursday, January 11, 2007

Stamps & Layout

Hey 2 post in one day. I am on a role.....yeehaw! I even manage to do a "little" organizing of my master closet. I still have alot more organizing in there/out with the with the new right? My friends and family give me hard time about my I am known for keeping things a bit too long. Hey, I cleaned out the 80's clothes.....awhile back! What can I say, I am a pack rat when it comes to clothes. I even still have the outfit I wore when Doug and I first met. Oh my ....if you only could see it. A heavy metal spandex mini outfit. (what was I thinking?) I could wear things back than like that because I was tiny. Now, oh I wouldn't want to try that on now. ~hee~ Obviously we met at a rock concert. Our friends introduced us, and it was one of the friends rock concert as he was in a band. I even have photos of that day, thanks to Shari! I will have to post those sometime. They are hilarious pixs! "memories" Awe, so great!

Ok, I am off track now...sorry. This post is for my recent purchases of Autumn leaves stamps. I got those. Thanks to all the people on the message boards at I found out these stamps were dirt cheap at JoAnn's fabric and in the Hot spot at Archivers. JoAnn's being the cheaper at a dollar a piece. I thought I would share what I bought. Seems like lately that all I do is shop and not scrapbook. Well, I am sure you all can relate! right? That why I will post my latest layout with this as well. I want to feel like I am doing some scrapbooking. I really did this layout before Christmas but only posted it on I was too busy posting Holiday stuff here at my blog. So I will post it here. IT was a Halloween LO -I am still working on last year's pixs at Halloween. "pathetic I know". I am the worlds slowest scrapper. One of my new year resolutions is to pick up the pace. I've really gotten super slow.

Here are the stamps:

My latest Layout called : Jealous Shih Tzu(I want candy). A 2 page LO about how jealous Muffin gets at Halloween when Aaron gets all the goodies. I used alot of Queen and Company bootiful line on this layout. I made a hidden journal tag explaining Muffin's jealousy. I think that photo on the first page says it all ...don't you? ~hee~ it's priceless picture! I love how Muffin is staring at the bag of goodies Aaron has/and wishing it was hers. I think the title says it all too.


Danielle said...

WOW..those stamps are BEAUTIFUL and only 1$ each?!?! What a deal!!!!

LOVING your layout of your sweetie Shih Tzu too ~ what a cutie!!!!

Carla said...

Great stamps. i was having the same problem lately... buying tons of new products and not creating anything. I finally managed to get a few done in the last week. Partly becuase we have been cooped up in doors becuase of the weather. And the Cocoa Daisy kit was pretty inspiring. Take care!