Monday, January 15, 2007

Farewell Party

Finally got around to posting the pixs of Doug's farewell party. I love the design above. I had to post it here. It was so fun! The art dept. people made this envelope for Doug's card they gave him. Their card was adorable too. Everyone was so thoughtful ......and gave such sweet and heartfelt cards & gifts. I will post some of the cards Doug received in my next post.

Some of the crew from SLP.......missing some because they were either working or already left the party. I love this pix! I was so happy to get a group shot of the custodians together.

This is Doug's Day crew and Buddies. This is a really great pix!

Doug's boss Bob and Ron and Mike the Dean of Students

Larry the Head night guy and Doug opening his presents

More gift presenting and opening and having fun and Laughing

Doug gives a little speech and carries his loot bags home

The party goers and some more pixs of the custodians

The pix above of the party my son...and his grandma, Judy. Also in the pix is a lady(Jane) both Judy and I worked with in the district office. Yes, I also worked at the school dist. too and so did Judy. She was the accounting supervisor for the dist. She is now retired from her job. Anyhow, it was nice catching up with our former coworker and friend. So glad Jane could make it to the party.

Next is our family photos from the party. Doug's parents were both able to make it to the farewell party. Aaron had a great time in the schools cafeteria-that's where the party was held. He kept running around with grandpa and was "obsessed" with the water fountain.~hee~

The twins jacket was a very "generous" gift from his coworkers and fellow custodians. Doug will LOVE wearing this jacket around...thanks guys....your the best!

Above: some more pixs of Doug's gifts from the party. Great gifts....and so love the SLP panthers stuff. Great gifts to remember his many years at Park. So many gifts....thanks to everyone for the warm and generous goodbye. Doug will remember it for years to come. I am avid scrapper so I took many pixs so Doug could remember it all and document the journey in photos.

An extra special thanks to the "Lunch Ladies" gals.....for the wonderful Timber lodge Steakhouse coupon. It was already used I can tell you that! You all have taken such great care of Doug for his "lunches". Now even when he leaves your still taking care of his "lunches"....Thank YOU and Doug will cherish all that you have done for him.

Thanks to everyone who gave gifts cards: Subway, Panera, Walmart, and Cabela's. WOW...way to generous...thank YOU!

Some very sweet and Funny cards....I will post them so everyone can read them in my next post. My favorite was the scrapbook type card(of course)! That card was from the art dept. Yeah, you guys ROCK! Love your Thank YOU neat! All the cards were great! Thanks to everyone for such wonderful farewell cards.

I am going to leave you with my messy cake pix~hee~ Of course, I forgot to take a pix of the cake BEFORE everyone tore into it. So this is what was left/it was a yummy cake. Thanks to everyone at Park that planned the party and ordered this cake. Truly a event Doug will remember for a lifetime.

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Danielle said...

WOW...what a great Farewell party!!!

LOVE the pictures of him and his co-workers, the family pics, the presents & cards and the yummy cake!!!!