Thursday, January 11, 2007

QVC shopping

Shopping QVC right now. I bought some chipboard. Lisa Bearnson is on right now. Dang, she is just a super sales woman. She always makes you want to buy it all! I can see why she so successful! She just has the Charisma about her that just inspires you. I bought her chipboard kit I've been eyeballing on her site for some while. I have speed buy on QVC and it just too easy to buy it on there. Way tooo easy I tell you!~hee I can't wait to get all my chipboard...yipppeee!

I just visited Ali's blog too. Dang...they got snow. Are WE ever going to get SNOW??? Winter is halfway over.....and no snow. Very little! Our February vacation is around the corner/and I can only hope we can go sledding somewhere? We have the sleds ready and waiting. My banner is from last year(snowmobile pix). We had alot of snow last year. Oh yeah, my banner pix was taken on the beautiful north shore of Minnesota. The lake in the backdrop is Lake superior. Love it up that way. We go up that way ALOT! If your ever up that way.....2 resorts are the BEST! Bluefin bay in Tofte,MN( and Cove Point Lodge( in Beaver Bay, MN. IF you stay near Beaver Bay, I highly suggest Lemon Wolf Cafe( Located right on the edge of town....wonderful home cookin meals at that place and so so charming! A very homey feel and friendly owners. If you stay at Bluefin I highly recommend the Coho Cafe. Wonderful fresh baked breads and Pizzas and sandwiches. UMMMM...I have to stop now. I am getting myself hungry! My tummy is growling now. Shoot!

I am hoping to do some scrapbooking this weekend. I've been so behind on it. Have to get back in the swing of it all. I am still going to post pixs of Doug's parties from his old/and new jobs. I have alot to do today. I better get off this computer and JUST DO...right!? Have a good Thursday......and look a post without pixs...gasp! can you believe?~hee~

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Danielle said...

Wish we could see QVC here in Canada! Bummer :(

We've got a bit of snow...nothing major though - but everything is covered pretty good. It's going down to -35 degrees with the windchill on Wednesday (HOLY CHILLY CANADIAN DAYS!!!!!)