Friday, January 26, 2007

Junkitz new collection-CHA Winter...................

Up late surfing the web! Look what I found on Message boards from Someone shared this link and I thought I would too. I thought I would post it too because CHA is this weekend and all the companies have their SNEAK PEEKS-LOVE IT! This one is a sneak peek at Junkitz new boy theme. I love these/I might have to get this collection. I really like the accordion album she made with the collection too. What fun! Check it out if your interested here:

I am new to this blogging thing and UTUBE (believe it or not). So I wasn't sure I could post the Utube right on my blog. Thus, the link. Either way I shared it right?~hee

If anyone has some tips on how to use blogger...send me some. Seems so hard to figure out at times? I am also clueless to posting a link/and not having the whole link show. Not sure how to do that yet. If you have any tips ...send them my way or leave them in my comment area. I know it's possible as I seen other people post links that way. Eeek, computer illiterate for sure! My Dh can usually figure all of it out for me/but he's so busy I hate to bug him with this stuff all the time. I just screwed up my banner header the other day-erased my whole code-duh! So my Dh was fixing that mess up! I am learning.....I am learning......bare with me! Enjoy the link and keep scrappin.

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