Sunday, January 7, 2007

News paper hubby!

Here he hubby! Good job! Congrats on the new job position. I will have more to come on all his parties, and events and pictures. So stay tuned...especially if your family member that wants to see all that info.

Sorry about the cut and paste job on this article. I needed to remove things for privacy purposes. I try to paste things in to make it sound better where the missing parts were removed.

Trying to get this blog posted in a hurry. I am up late trying to get Christmas stuff put away. As this is going to be another busy week.

Enjoy the article and I will try to get more posted later. Thanks! Oh yeah, Doug said he hated this picture by the way. ~hee~ looks tired/and he was! I think it's fine!

The local paper wanted to do a story on his job positions and how he stayed at his former job and worked his way up to head custodian to administrative position at his new job. He is truly excited about the new experiences and challenges that await him in this new endeavor. He will truly miss all his former co workers and colleagues and friends. He had a chance to have a going away party and a chance to have a farewell night with his co workers. He only manage to cry a few times(shhhh...we won't tell anyone right?) He will be missed! Not to worry tho/as all his friends will remain intact. We aren't moving and Doug will be there for each and every one of them. That just the kinda guy he is: loyal, dedicated and trustworthy man. We love you and you rock!


Danielle said...

Congrats to your hubby on his new position!!!

That's fantastic :D

Carla said...

Thats wonderful congratulations. WHere is that beautiful picture on your banner?