Monday, January 22, 2007

QVC & Lisa Bearnson Kit

I posted on Lisa blog site how awesome this chipboard kit is: so go out and get it if you haven't already. It makes a nice gift for someone too/since it comes packed in such a cute storage box. The chipboard I don't have a pix of that/but it comes nicely tucked inside this box. Great Value! The chipboard is bare /so you can paint or alter it anyway you like. I needed some bare chipboard to work with so this was a great product I was looking for in chipboard. If you need to see what comes inside Lisa has a pix of it too on her website:

(QVC might have this too). I ordered from QVC I bought some other chipboard too that day. Check it out below:

I think this was called Chip Chatter chipboard? but look at all you get....WOW! I bought all three colors so I had alot of it. Stocking up since QVC has good values on their scrapbook supplies.

Great value because you get the large/and the small lettering. The big letter chipboard packages have 3 colors of chipboard inside. Again, love QVC for their great value in supplies! Can't wait for the next show in Feb. Check your local you don't miss out!

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Danielle said...

OMG you got some great chipboard girl!!!! I adore those Pressed Petals Chip Chatter letters :D YOU LUCKY LUCKY GIRL!!!!!