Friday, January 19, 2007

Olive Kids Stuff

Look what I got in the mail the other day....Yippeee! Went shopping for Aaron's bedroom. He has all baby stuff in his room still. I know I am slow to transform his room from baby/to toddler/kid room. I wanted this decor to last longer than the baby stuff. So I tried to find one really boy theme. This seem to fit the bill. Actually I spied a really cute set from Pottery barn kids and saw the PRICE and said.....awwww.....NO WAY! So I compromised and found this set from Olive Kids. The price was right and I was able to get accessories for his room as well with the money I saved. I decided after searching online/that ordering directly from Olive kids would save me time and less hassle. Plus, they had FREE shipping-love that! everything was shipped in a timely manner/and in good shape. Love that too! Here is a pix of the bedding and some accessories :

I ended up getting the round rug. Very cute for a accent rug. I just loved the theme because Aaron LOVES trucks so much and cars and anything that mechanical. The pottery barn bedding I passed up because it was too expensive had only planes on it. So I was happy with this set because it had trucks and other things in it.

Here is a pix of the bedding from Olive kids site. It looks really blue in this pix but it's not that blue. It's lighter.....but I just love that pillow sham! I think Aaron will love it too. Here is a link if anyone is interested in Olive Kids:

Pictured above is the bed I bought for Aaron. Finally getting a big boy bed. His crib was a convertible crib/but I highly suggest to anyone that those are a waste of money. As they are ready for toddler beds so fast and are in them so little/and than it's time for a twin bed. I am hoping this bed will last him for along while. We aren't getting the trundle. We thought about it but decided after measuring his tiny size room/that it wouldn't work. I kinda copied my favorite pottery barn idea on this bed too. PB wanted way too much for their beds. So I found this one from JCPenney online. It was the same color as that pottery barn bed and I was looking for a cottage type/bead board bed and found this one from JCPenney. Love the color too and I think the color will match his already white furnishings in his room and the blue bedding set. The bed is actually black but it looks blue just like in the picture above. I am excited to get his room put together. It will be fun to change it up.

These are fun drawer pulls that I search HIGH and LOW over the Internet to find. Olive kids were out of these for the Trains,Planes, and Trucks I search alot of websites and almost gave up/but tried one last search effort and found them. However, I knew it could be "chancy" since I knew they were out of them everywhere. Sure enough ....they only ended up shipping me the truck and train. They said the plane was on back order. Luckily, I had order a few extra so I still have enough to do his drawers. I am putting these on Aaron dresser in his room. Since I am not buying him a new dresser/and his dresser is WHITE....I thought I would jazz it up with these pulls and tie in the theme of the room to the dresser.

Above: is a peg board I found online that someone makes them to coordinate with Olive Kids stuff. I thought it was fun so I purchased it to go with his OK stuff.

The other pix on the right: is just another extra blue sheet set I ordered from Olive Kids. It was discontinued item and I got a heck of a deal on it.....Whoooo deals! Plus, I thought Aaron will be peeing in his bed alot it doesn't hurt to get extra sheets. LOL!

I needed some art prints for his I got the coordinating three pictures. Just like shown in this pix above. I wish I could say these were cheap but they want way too much money for basic looking prints.

Another set of drawer knobs. I thought if I put all those shaped pulls on every pull for the drawer it would be too much of the same. So I ordered these to put on as the main drawer handles and I will coordinate the shaped ones with these throughout his room. As his night stand could use pulls too and maybe his knobs for his closet.

Here is another view of the pillows I got to jazz it up in his room too. The plane pillow is double sided/has firetruck on the other side. I plan on putting this on top his toy chest at the end of his bed.

The Train pillow will go on his bed.

That's it with his room plans. I can't wait to dig in and change it up. We are waiting for awhile til we have time to do this project. In the meantime we have to find a mattress and some stain, wetting resistant mattress pads. The biggest part of redoing Aaron's room will be putting in the new wall border and repainting. Right now I have a chair rail and a previous border we need to get out of there. To do that we have to take the chair rail off and take down the wallpaper that is on the bottom half of the wall. We are keeping the faux painting that is on the wall now. That is on the top half of the wall. The chair rail and border separate faux painting from the wallpaper. Confusing I know....but I promise to take a pix of the before and after. Whenever we get around to fixing up the room. Aaron is excited to get his big boy bed. Here's hoping it will all work together like I am picturing in my head~hee~ I love to this is my latest project.


Danielle said...

OMG what an adorable bedding set :D He's going to love it!!!!!

Can't wait to see the finished room ~ if it looks anything like your'll be AMAZING!!!!!

Carla said...

Girl, you have great taste. Cant wait to see how it turns out.

Olive Kids said...

Paul-ene, I LOVE the Olive Kids stuff you bought. But, I might be prejudice because I own the company!

Thank you so much for choosing Olive Kids, Aaron is lucky to have such a creative mom like you!