Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Job

Doug's new office-thought we take a pix of it. As you can see it needs some major help. It's so empty. Have to get some pixs on the wall and on his desk. Personalize it! This is a cute pix of Aaron and Doug together.

Here is "US" all dressed up for the board meeting. Me gussied up doesn't happen much I tell you anymore~hee~ It was fun and we went out to eat before hand with the family.

Below: is the weekly board meeting. The superintendent ask Doug to be there to be "approved" by the board(his employment). Doug ask if he could bring his whole family. The superintendent said, by all means YES! He even used that fact in his speech to the board. That Doug wanted his family there. So cool! I get a really good feeling that this dist. is very laid back and easy going. It a smaller school dist. and with that comes a more intimate setting. The board meeting took place in the library. I am not sure they have their board meetings in library. I think they just set it up for that night. There was alot of events going on at the High School that night. IT was fun seeing a high school library again. So fun to see all the kids rummaging through the hallways and hanging out in "groups".

here's Doug giving a little speech to the board.

I manage to get a good pix of Doug and his new boss, the superintendent. They had a break during the board meeting and I got my camera out. EEK, they probably think I am nuts with my camera but I had to get pixs. It's not everyday you leave a job you worked at for 20 plus years and get a new one. Had to document it all!

This is super cute pix of Aaron and his grandma, Judy. This was taken in the library during the break from the meeting. Grandma was great! She helped keep Aaron entertained while the board meeting was going on. Aaron was youngest at the meeting~hee~

This pix was taken by one of the board members. Oh, she was so super nice. she offered to take our family pix when she spied my camera. Love that! So sweet! This is a good one except for how Doug is holding Aaron. I need to give him a lesson on how to hold a child for pixs.~hee

Of course, Aaron had to sit quiet for a little while. So as soon as the break took place/he went wild and found a good jungle gym railing to play on. So funny! He knows how to keep busy!

The board members really liked Aaron's new red shoes too~hee Reminds me of that song on the radio now/New Shoes. Love that song! Anyhow, all that is left now is getting in the groove of Doug's new job now. We are so excited and happy for him!


Danielle said...

WOW!!! Lots going on in your life right now :D

How is your Hubby loving his new job?!?! He seems happy!!!

Good Luck :D

Carla said...

Congratulations again! Your son looks adorable in his suspenders!

Danielle said...

Hi Paulene! Thanks for the comments on my Blog :)

I can explain how I put the video on my blog :D Just send me an e-mail (so I can reply and have yours hehehehe :D I couldn't find your e-mail)