Saturday, February 3, 2007

A night out with Friends

Yeehaw, a little bit of Texas in the middle of Winter in to love that alot!!!

We went out to eat at a new chain restaurant in town. Our friends took us out to eat for a "couples night" out on the town.

Let me tell you this place was PACKED the the MAX! Luckily we called ahead and got seated pretty quick. Actually, our friends: Bev & Mikey arrived early and got our spot.

We were still packing Aaron into his Grandma & Grandpa's Truck to have a sleep over at their place. I think he was excited to leave and go to grandma's house. He loves it at their place. 24 attention and spoiled galore! IT very nice of them to take Aaron like that. He just LOVES his grandparents so much! Mommy loves it too because I get to take a break and do what I love..........SCRAPBOOK, BLOG and surf the web.~hee!

Just another view of the Texas Roadhouse. They had good food. The music was a bit loud even for ME! I love music but it was so loud we could barely visit with each other. Crazy! I ended up ordering the kabob with Caesar Salad and Doug got Juicy ribs. Bev ordered the Roadkill...I am not sure I would name a food item Road Kill but it sure looked GOOD! I got a shotty pix of the roadhouse building but Hey, it was COLD, COLD and Colder outside and I didn't want to leave the car to take the pix. Brrrrrrrrrr....finally cold around here but still not much snow. That bites! It suppose to get in the minus degrees this we are going to stay in and watch boring FOOTBALL. I hate football..........but the Indianapolis Colts are in the super bowl and I have family that are living in Indianapolis and I just bet they have HUGE parties planned for that day. Go Wanda ...go ...go Wanda...go! You rock! Get those parties started!

Here we are eating our salads....and visiting. The place was fun, I'd go there again. We had a good visit with Bev & Mike. They wanted to take us out to eat at this new restaurant. They have family that live in Texas and they vacation there themselves quite a bit. This restaurant they would frequent in Texas alot. When they knew it was going to open here in our neck of the woods......they told us they would take us out for the 1st time at Texas Roadhouse. I am glad they did and we even got to see some line dancing(for someone's birthday). This chain is opening up in Grand Forks, ND. Too and my sister lives that way. We are going to visit her soon. I think we will have to take her out to eat for the very 1st time at the roadhouse too. I am very surprised I know this information BEFORE my sister did. She never mentioned it to me. She always KNOWS when a new restaurant is opening in GRAND FORKS. She must of missed this one.~hee! Can't wait....Franny if you could only read this.......YEAHAW! Your in for a treat!!!

PEANUTS what a MESS!!! Bev & Mikey said it was not allowed to throw the peanuts in MN for state laws. However, when we left the place/the floor was a peanut shell mess!!! blah...that part I could do without...and seriously....Peanuts??? Before dinner??? I don't get it! I guess I am not crazy about peanuts but was fun and a night out like adults....LOVE that!

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Danielle said...

Sounds yummy!!!!

Yeppers, we used to have Peanuts here too...but then they got banned - as a fire hazard!