Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tis the Season............

A little prelude to my Christmas Decor coming soon to my blog.
I finally got all my Christmas stuff up. It takes a week or more.
Lots of heavy garland that my hubby helps put up. Several Trees
to set up and decorate. We are putting one in the unfinished basement
this year. It was Doug's parents old tree. We just wanted one for Aaron
(my son) to decorate. I have all kinds of Looney tune ornaments that I
out grew. Thought I would keep them for my child to hang. Aaron also
had ornaments from every year from his grandma and grandpa. So it
should work to have his own tree. He loves going in the basement/as that's
where his play area is/with all his "big toys". So he will like that/his very own
tree/and it doesn't even have to be "pretty" ~hee~

Oh....more news too. Doug just got a early Christmas present. He is going to
have a NEW job. He went in for a interview on Friday/and got the job on Friday.
It was quite the whirlwind. He has been working the same job for 20+ years or more.
So this is a BIG change. He is ready for it ............tell you more details has they come
available. Right now, they are still working out negotiations with his contract...etc...etc...
We will be in the same area/just new school district. He's going to be working as the Maintenance and Grounds/building Supervisor. YEah, finally working his admin. job!!!!
Way to go "HONEY"......YOU ROCK!!! CONGRATS!!!! Muffin says: RUFF RUFF! Aaron
says: go to Target Daddy(lol...that all he says lately)!

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