Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Our Sweet Norsky Man........

We had to venture out in the cold the other day. Dressed Aaron
up to the max in his warm jacket and hat. Made him look like
a little Norsky(Up NORTH)Man. As usual he has his "snacks" with him.
I made this quick Layout on my computer.

He was being so sweet: I took several photos. He likes going
out in the car for rides to .....TARGET! ~hee~

He is obsessed with Target lately. I think we must shop there
a little too much!!!

There is a funny story behind the quote in the collage(Target AGAIN)!
One day I was checking out the dollar bins at Target. Buying tons of
Scrapbooking Jewel Brads. We ran to like several Targets to buy out
their jewel brads. Finally, I think Aaron had enough, and proclaim in a
tired sarcastic voice: "Target AGAIN"? IT was pretty funny! OUt of the
mouths of babes right? ~hee~

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