Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Cheer in the Family Room...........

Here is the Christmas Decor pixs I promised. This pix is of our Christmas Wreath on the front door.

The pix of the little tree is in our family computer room. It's on top the computer room hutch. It's adorned with Snowmen ornaments and wood candy canes on top.

The rest of the pixs are of the family room Christmas decor fun.

Here is the family room pixs...........I started with my mantel. This is a side view of our mantel with the garland and red berries. I also put up my stocking holders & stockings on the mantel but the stockings are not pictured. I broke one of my stocking holders/and took the stockings down. I was so worried Aaron would break one/and here I am the one that broke it. Bummer!!! I was taking a stocking down and the stocking holder fell right onto the bricks below. SMASH! Doug said he can glue it back together. I love those Snowman stocking holders. I think I may never hang the stockings anymore. Maybe just put them on the steps or something?

Here is a collage of my snowman collection. Snowman is a big
theme in our home for the holidays. I love the two bigger stuffed
snowmen in the collage below. I bought them awhile back at the
round barn(a REAL round barn full of antiques and collectibles).
Very fun place to shop.

The other pix in the collage are my snowman friends on my mantel. I put the tall one there to offset the Christmas Angel(I have on the other side of the mantel).

I love the little chunk of wood snowman. I call him stumpy. LOL! He just looks like a "stumpy". I really call him stumpy because he made just out a small square chunk of wood-with a hat on and drawn in snowman face. I don't even know where I got stumpy.... I think maybe the round barn too but I can't remember??? I got the tall snowman from Herbergers one year. Ilike that he is tall and love his striped legs.

The other pix is our Santa ......I put him on our end table in our family room. Can't only have snowmen...right? I like Santa, I call him Marty the Santa. He reminds me of a Marty I know. ~hee~

This Christmas Angel is sitting on our mantel too. I love this Angel!!! I bought it along time ago....up north in Chisholm, MN. That is my In laws home town.......and we used to go up all the time and visit .....Doug's Grandma and Grandpa and Relatives. This angel reminds me of that area and all the family that means so much to us! I got this Angel from a cute store in Chisholm after Christmas sale....for a really great deal. She is my favorite Christmas Decoration(and I have many)!!! I love the little chalk board she is holding that reads: Merry Christmas. So cute!
I love the vintage folk art look too!

Finally the "star" of the family room.......our family TREE. I have Many trees around the house at Christmas. This is our main tree. Doug absolutely hates putting this tree up! It's an older one and doesn't have the "lights already on it". So he has to mess with light strings.......and put every branch on the tree(no easy steps to this tree). We love this tree tho. It would be hard to get rid of it. It is so realistic looking, looks like an outdoor blue fir tree. Even has pine cones on it. It is a real pain to put up every year.

We don't do real trees in our home. I am too freaked out about fire hazards ...everything we have is artificial.

I like artificial but I am a routine gal...and like the same thing year after year(lol)! Every year we just get it out again and put it away to be used the next year.

I change the look of the tree from year to year. I use to put ribbon on it. Now I put the ornaments and made it more red and put berries all over. I like having more traditional looking tree for the family room. My other trees in the house are fun and have snowmen on them. So I wanted this tree to be more traditional looking.

I use to put loony tunes and such on my tree. LOL! However, I out grew that and wanted a more "adult" tree. Don't get me wrong.... I love LOONY TUNES and that kind of stuff. I just wanted a more decor friendly tree. I put the loony tunes to use on Aaron's tree. I will post pixs of that in some of my next blogs soon.

Here are some views of ornaments adorning this family room tree. As you can see all our somewhat red, more traditional looking in nature. We use cluster of red berry lights on the tree/and the rest of the lights are white. I stuff red berries out of the tree to make it look more "nature" looking. As our tree is a blue fir looking tree and has pine cones on it/so the berries go well with that theme. I even have 3 big berry branches with bird nest on them.

OK, I must admit I "ripped" off this idea from the Seasonal Concepts store....but I just loved that tree they had with berries and nests.... in the tree. SO I did my own version of it. Seasonal concepts is where we bought the red berry lights, and the berry branches etc........The red berry lights were spendy....so we only put enough to cover the front of the tree(good decorating tip). If your tree faces a wall don't bother decorating the backside. That way you have more to work with on the part of the tree you see. Ours faces a window but you don't see much threw that window....so only have the white lights on it in the back. IT works and it saves $$$$. On that note ....I will leave you with the pixs of my ornaments and what they mean to us.

My wood bird ornament.....love this! Got it from Franks
Nursery. Every year I would buy a few wood ornaments
for the tree. This one is a favorite. Love how big it is and
the bird is so vintage looking/even tho it's new.

Love this snowman.......i got this for FREE. Sorta.....it was
on a poinsettia plant bought one year. I thought it was so
cute and kept it. It's actually a pick they put into plants
to jazz them up for the holidays. There is another tip: don't
throw out the small things....they could be treasures for years
to come!!!

I bought this snowman at Target Last year. I thought he
would look good on the tree. I try to buy a new ornament
every year.

I wanted to make my tree more Red theme....so I picked up
these felt pillow ornaments. I really like them. Easy and big
they take up some space on the tree...and are great filler for
the tree. I also bought these at Seasonal concepts. The wood
snowman is another wood ornament I picked up from Franks
Nursery. I miss that store.....most are out of business around
here. I was our holiday shopping store(for lights and plants etc).
We miss it!!!!!

I like this ornament........I had too many red ornaments
but wanted to keep my tree "red" ...this ornament screamed
to be on the tree. It is red but only has red on it and the rest
is a soft white/cream color. Worked great for the tree. I think
I got this at Target too???

Here is the berry branch with the bird nest-
noticed I put my birdie ornament on it~hee~
worked great for that! That ornament has
special meaning...as it was our first ornament
as a married couple. 1994.....our first Christmas
together!!! We will always cherish that ornament.
Thanks to Jane for giving us such a wonderful unique
wedding gift. She gave it to us for a wedding gift. It's a
gift we use every year.....and maybe pass on to our child
someday. Another good tip: if you don't know what to
give people for gifts on those special occasions/ornaments
are great.....people cherish those for years.

Finally the end and what better way to end at the TOP
OF THE TREE. Here is our topper. I gave up trying
to put a topper on the tree. I can never find one I like....
I even put a gigantic bow up there one year(LOL)! Finally,
after looking at stores for inspiration and looking in magazines
I come to the conclusion that we didn't ever really need a topper.
So that has stuck with us.....no topper! I try to fill the tree instead
at the top with extra berries, and glimmer objects(like a wonderful
Christmas bulb I got from Sylvia-our family friend). IT very breakable
and just the most beautiful bulb you ever seen. SO it's safe at the top
and it puts out a wonderful glimmer from the lights bouncing off it.
I also put this dove I have....it shiny too and has glitter all over it.

Hope you like the images.....I will have more to come.....Happy Holidays!

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