Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving and Fall at our house

Here we are ......end of Fall time is near. Thanksgiving is in the air....I smell TURKEY! This year for a change we will not have Thanksgiving at our house. We usually host but instead we will be going to my Mother-in-laws house. I am bringing my favorite Sweet potatoe casserole for the dinner. My sister gave me the recipe and it is super good and so easy! It just mashed up sweet potatoes in a casserole dish with dotted butter/brown sugar spread over the top and chopped walnuts ontop. Put in oven for half hour or more and walla......yummy dish!

Here is a pix of my fall wreath on the front door. I always try to put some sort of welcome wreath on the front door for every season.

I usually decorate my Holiday center. This is a section of my kitchen that I designate for holiday decor. For Fall I put up haybales and scarecrow pixs with leaves and loads of fall fun. Here's a small section of the Holiday Center area of my kitchen.

Heres a collage of some fall fun images in my home for the season.

Some of my favorite fall decor is My fav. plate stand(which I change out the plates for every season). These are my fall time plates. The plates are folk art type theme with fun fall colors with checkers around the rims.

My Turkey crochet hot pads were a gift from my sister-in-law. I love these hot pads and only use them for decoration. They are just too cute to really use!

Happy Autumn plak I put in my kitchen window. So I can look at it everytime I have to work in my kitchen. LOL! Think Happy thoughts right? Especially when cleaning dishes or making supper.

My wood turkey......he is fun & also on the window ledge.

My turkey hot pad(green checks). I keep this turkey by the stove.

I fill my home with loads of these colorful leafs. So fun and so inexpensive to decorate with them. It makes for a colorful display and doubles for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Here's a closeup of my scarecrow pick. I love this crow pick! I stick the pick in a small haybale next to the large haybale with pumpkins. Again a very inexpensive decorating tip. Picks and fake haybales at Micheals or any local craft store are very inexpensive.

The haybales can be a mess-even the fake ones. However, the fun for the's worth it!

I also set up fake haybales outside my porch stoop in the front of my house. I use to use real haybales BUT found it was wasteful/as I threw away the haybale in the woods every year. Now i just reuse the fake ones and store them away in our garage.

Another inexpensive way to decorate is fake gourdes and pumpkins. I bought mine at Micheals and they were very cheap/and look pretty real. Most important/they don't rot did my real ones on my front stoop. IF they made these fake pumpkins and gourdes heavier I would put them out my stoop too. SO for now I use real ones outside. I hate when they rot out and spoil.

Here is another collage: I have alot of Fall decor!!! Fall is my favorite time of year and I celebrate it to the MAX! ~hee~
There is a pix of my outside haybale in this collage(see the rotting pumpkin-LOL). I have my colorful fall wreath and image of my cornacopia. A pix of our stuffed turkey with some fall foliage & candle. I also love my wood ornament man with turkey in my kitchen window. My fall welcome sign and scarecrow on a bike. I use my wood pumpkin basket for my paper napkins in my kitchen. Very useful and still decorative. My Pumpkin patch sign is out on my front stoop with the haybales. I put it there with my pumpkins and gourdes. I use alot of this decor during Halloween season too. Anything that is fall/or autumn is also part of my halloween decor. This is a good decorating tip. Try to use multi purpose decor/as it will be easier to store away, and less switching out for Halloween/Thanksgiving. You can do this for Halloween/fall/thanksgiving decor because all is so similar in design and colors. I usually just switch out my Halloween pumpkins for Thankgiving plaks and keep up all the fall decor Until Christmas decorating comes around. Which is in a couple days from now.

I am packing up my fall decor at the end of the week I thought I would share my images with everyone. GOODBYE fall......HELLO Christmas! I will be putting up christmas stuff all the rest of the weekend and WEEK. Always takes that long to string the garland, and put up the tree.

Until than let's enjoy one last image of FALL time. Here is my Autumn Wreath. I have many throughout the house. However, this one is right as you walk in to my home. I usually use this space in my home as my Holiday Display greeting area. Every season I put a wreath or picture of the season. Along with a greeting plak of the season. This one is my Thanksgiving PLak. IT says it all: GIVE THANKS! We have loads to be thankful for and Hope everyone's Thanksgiving Holiday is FANTASTIC!!!!

Eat loads of yummy food.......TURKEY, potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes-yams, buns, and cranberries!

Whatever you eat ....ENJOY and Be Happy!!! God Bless one and all and have a great season!


sweedsnosledder said...
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sweedsnosledder said...

Looks like great fun. All of your fall items are real creative. I love the fall season with all of the fun colors. Season changes make life a lot more fun and interesting. I like all 4 seasons.