Monday, November 27, 2006

Dreaming of...riding the sleds

Look at what my hubby is doing to our poor neighbors! Big smoke cloud from the sleds.
Instead of putting up Christmas decor/he decided to wash his sleds and dream of snow on the "way" someday. LOL
It's been seasonable warm the last few days. It was a good day to wash the sleds.
I had to run out and get some pixs of my hubby's hard work.
He works so hard at keeping our old, "classic" sleds shiny and running.

He is giving the thumbs up/hoping for snow. Here is "my" sled...the Yamaha Phazer. I love that old sled. It is so nice and easy for me to drive. It would be hard for me to find another light weight sled that rides so nice.

Front View........Three sleds, my Yamaha Phazer, Doug's Yamaha Exciter II, and Doug's father's Clunky ole Polaris. In my opinion the worse sled EVER! Luckily he bought a newer sled last year a Articat. Much better! Below: another view

This is what my hubby's hard work is all about and he is dreaming of the whole time he is "obsessing" over cleaning and fixing the sleds:


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sweedsnosledder said...

Looks like great fun. Do you ride with your husband? He looks like a real Scandanavian guy. There's nothing quite like crusing on a freshly groomed trail in some spectacular scenery.