Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Break

Wow....where does the time go? I decided this summer to take a break from blogging. Tried to stay away off computer a bit. Just to get a break from it. I didn't do too good with Facebook. I did manage to limit time on blogger tho. It's super harder than I thought to manage two sites. I am debating on even keeping up my blog. I only have a few followers and MOST are on Facebook. It is nice to go back and check out things I forgot(like how I decorated things last year etc...). My blogs been a good journal for me to look back on. I am still debating on keeping up with blogger. I think if blogger made it easier to download photos it wouldn't be so bad. It just takes FOREVER to make a blog when using photos.

I will try this month to blog better and see where that takes me. Time has a way of getting away from us and I have let that get the best of me lately. I have also had problems with my new computer/and new photo programs. I am hoping this fall/winter to get more active in fixing my computer woes and getting use to my new photo program. Alot of the reason I haven't done much with my photos lately.

My fav. time of the year is approaching and I do have a couple projects in the works to share. I will try to post soon.

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Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl, I know what you mean about not having enough time for the computer! When I decide to stop blogging, I'm going to set it so that only I can read my blog. That way I can always look back on my past posts at least. Happy Halloween planning!

Sandy xox